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    36.99 USD
    So I bought this controller after struggling to maintain my environment in my first grow and learning about VPD. It was 36.99 from Amazon and arrived in two days with free standard shipping. It was packaged neatly with the controller, instructions, and a one year warranty card.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I plugged the controller in, plugged my exhaust and humidifier into their respective WORK 1 and WORK 2 sockets. After reading the definitions in the instructions I set my max humidity for 75% with dehumidification occurring at 76% and allowed a dip of 5% resulting in the humidifier coming on below 70%.

    With controlling the humidity so well I have been able to maintain an average temperature consistently between 80-83f. I recommend this to anyone that wants to eliminate a factor in their growing through automation.
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Easy to set up with a humidity probe, three prong 110v, and two 3 prong sockets labeled. One year warranty and easy instructions. Hole to mount to wall or a zip the like I did. Humidity probe is pretty long and accurate. Incredibly responsive to humidity.
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    Yes, especially to new growers that struggle dialing in their environment.
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  1. Tyler_Durden88
    So this can go both humidifier and dehumidifier? I'm looking at a couple of these right now for my drying tent.
  2. Ron Paul
    75% humidity will spawn the white devil
  3. Rev. Green Genes
    I have it too! Love it. I even made my own fogger to plug into it. It works like a champ. Great review.:cheers::smokeout:

    I use another brand for temp control, Bayite was cheaper and had a heavier power circuit.
  4. Guru_skux
    have this unit IHC 200 and the ITC 308-- the only controllers I use , I rate them very high, at $30-$35 US + free freight what more would you want items are cheap 100 % effective , why $200+ for a controlla to do the same thing -crazy throwing hard earned $$ away
      MedCzech likes this.
  5. Saint Skinny
    Nice! I've been using a temp controller I wired up with an Inkbird ITC-1000, it's been working great!
      Damien50 likes this.
  6. Canipheng
    I have the same one and I love it. Hooked up to a 5 disk mist maker from house of hydro. Wished I bought a bigger unit. humistat works awesome. Good product worth every penny!
      Damien50 likes this.
  7. MesaBoogie
    Hey this is great, ty for doing a review. I was just thinking about adding a humidifier but wasn't sure how I would babysit it all the time. Definitely on the top of my list of things to add to my grow. I'm sitting at 30% RH right now and "winter is coming"
      Damien50 likes this.
  8. MedCzech
    Yep, I have both the temp and humidity. Be careful not the let the humidity be that high for too long. That range is really pushing the electric circuits in everything in the room. I know what they say, but anything over 75% will cause issues for lights, fans, etc.
    Just a little warning. I ran the high RH and it gave me issues with little things breaking or failing somehow. Thought is was bad luck and the realized I was just running the RH too high in veg.
      Tyler_Durden88 and Damien50 like this.
    1. Damien50
      I set it to 75 max but the fan extracts at 77 and the minimum is 70 so after a few hours in between 70-75 usually. Hopefully I don't have any issues but thanks for the warning
      Damien50, Aug 3, 2018
      MedCzech likes this.
    2. Tyler_Durden88
      Agreed 75% is unnessary and hurts most all electrical components exspecially grow lights. Remember the fans draw in air and use it to cool the light and high humidity will cause condensation on the components in the lights causing a multitude of issues. Also you want the plants to seek moisture out in the root zone and you want your pots to dry out consistently to prevent stagnit water inside your medium. I go 6 5 4. 60% seedlings 50% veg 40% flower. Easy to remember and if I have all diffrent stages of growth in the same area 55%. With temp between 75-80.
      Tyler_Durden88, Feb 1, 2019