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User Comments

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  1. trailanimal
    Nail biting, hair pulling guerilla grow
    and look what's to show
    great looking plant Maria!
      Maria Sanchez likes this.
    1. Maria Sanchez
      Thanks, Trailanimal.
      Now for more of the same adventures! :p
      Maria Sanchez, Jan 18, 2018
      trailanimal likes this.
  2. vikuksi
    Used for Jack47 Fast Version here on 48° North latitude. One of the best sativa dominant plants, what man can have outdoors here. Effect is very fine, energetic and trippy. May You compare with AF?
    AF version has more indica in it.
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    1. Maria Sanchez
      Hey @vikuksi -- because I only grew out one plant, I can't say in general for the whole auto Jack 47, but mine appeared as a nice hybrid, maybe more 50/50 indica / sativa than sativa dominant. The high was nice, as you say, up and energetic, but gets heavier later and if you smoke a lot of it all day. My growing conditions weren't ideal, so not sure what she'd look like if better sunlight and less humidity / rain. Glad you enjoyed!!
      Maria Sanchez, Jan 7, 2018
      vikuksi likes this.
  3. Maria Sanchez
    Just realized I only wrote about growing the plant, and not about the smoke review, so:

    High: 8/10
    Stone: 7/10
    Flavor: minty, a little citrus
    Aroma: same, a little green without the cure
    Smoothness: fairly smooth
  4. No names left
    Iv got these at day 7 from poking there heads up indoors tho I hope they turn out like that :d5:
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    1. Maria Sanchez
      I hope and think that they'll turn out better than mine!
      This was all guerilla grow, in the jungle, with the last 5 weeks of their lives (most of their lives) under rain, fog, mist, and more rain, with only about 3 days of any sun.
      So.... indoors.... they'll be sweet my friend!
      Happy growing!
      Maria Sanchez, Jan 6, 2018
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