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Jack Herer (auto)

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Gifted for testing
Retail Price of Product:
18 euro
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
Gifted for testing
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Your Intended Use of This Product:
Growing it and Smoking it man !
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Positives About This Product:
Awesome plant to grow, good for a beginner. Great smell, yield, taste and smoke... its Jack Herer or close as.
She's an all day smoke with a wonderful taste, you can get shit done on this weed... Jack no.02 did have a bigger punch and made me wobble once or twice.
Negatives About This Product:
Nothing really... only 2 out of the 3 seeds sprouted but that could have been me... one pheno type was a bit small but made up for it in smoke.
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
In every aspect
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
Would You Recommend This Product?:
Hell yer
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Keep up the good work, so far Zamnesia Auto's have been a pleasure to grow...
  • One of the reason I got into growing was to grow my very own Jack Herer... back in the late 90's in the UK we had widow coming out of our ears, you would hear of the illusive Jack but it was never to be seen unless you filled your pockets up on the ferry back from the Dam... I never did that, you would not have catched me bringing weed back from the Dam... I'm a good boy, honest guv.

    Had 2 wonderful pheno types, Jack no.02 being the smaller but the better smoke. Jack no.01 being the big yielder... wish I had had more room to let her get bigger, she would have been a monster.
    Jack no. 01 about 4.5 oz dry
    Jack no. 02 about 2.5 oz dry

    Jack No.01
    2017-06-25 12.38.07.jpg

    2017-06-25 12.38.35.jpg

    Jack no.02

    2017-06-25 13.12.54.jpg


Recent User Reviews

  1. epenguin
    Pros - Demo's what can be achieved
    Cons - non
    Top job brother. I bet sales of this will go through the roof after seeing you knock the socks off it.

    Proud of ya pal.

    I taught him none of what he knows you know. Probably why it is so good.

    redeye jedi, Slater and stedimed like this.
    1. Slater
      That is lie, I have read your journals and found loads of useful info in there... on what not to do ;)

User Comments

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  1. Engineered Grower
    She looks really good! I am going to start some Jack Herer next from my winnings. I'm excited now after seeing yours!

  2. SPZ
    I have a Jack Herer wood pipe (which I highly recommend)


    I always wanted to fill it with some Jack Herer weed, but I haven't seen that strain 'round these parts since the 90's. Thanks for the review, looks tasty.
      stedimed likes this.
  3. F.N.
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Slater, Sep 4, 2017
      stedimed likes this.
  4. Arsenal
    Looking good @Slater, I am looking to try the auto version Jack and appreciate your report!
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
  5. epenguin
    Top Job !
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Cheers boss, they are proving to be a tasty smoke as well or my curing is getting better. A bit of both me hopes.
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.
  6. stedimed
    Stellar grow Slater, They continue to get better and better :thumbsup: Do you have a link to the Blueberry Thread for us? Man, gotta witness that!
      Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Cheers @stedimed heres the link
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      Maria Sanchez and stedimed like this.
  7. Bud Wiser UK
    Very nice Mr Slater .. you must be well-pleased? :cheers:
      Slater, stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.
    1. Slater
      Thanks bud, was dead chuffed with those ladys... I think the blueberrys I got going at the moment will trump them.
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.
  8. Duggy
    Nice work Slater...enjoy..:pass:
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Thank you @Duggy for letting me test them
      Slater, Aug 30, 2017
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Duggy like this.
  9. Ivern
    Looks very nice, good job done :holymoly:! I did Jack Herer Regular and now I will do the Auto Jack, because I want to do some Auto and because I liked the regular plant so I hope the Auto Jack is coming close. Would you give me any advice? And one question - I see you used Autopots but covered it with foil - what´s the reason?
      Slater and stedimed like this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Ivern
      Thx for the quick answer. I did some research myself and decided for the Green House Variation. If they are only close as good as your´s I will be incredible happy! Oh, had problems with this flying little devils and fought my personal wars with em as well :). Good luck you got all or at least most of them and keep them under control in the future. I use Airpots myself and i will try it with the film as well if they occur again.
      Ivern, Aug 30, 2017
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    3. Slater
      I can not recommend Zamnesia enough, I'm growing their Blueberry at the moment... going to be the best plants I've grown to date, both will out strip the Jacks in yield and size.
      I'm getting picky on what Genetics I put my time into now, Zamnesia are well and truly on the list to grow again and again.
      Slater, Aug 31, 2017
      stedimed and Ivern like this.
    4. Ivern
      So my next one will definitely will be from Zamnesia, thx for the advice :)
      Ivern, Aug 31, 2017
      stedimed and Slater like this.
  10. Maria Sanchez
    Lovely work!
      stedimed and Slater like this.