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Jack Herer (auto)

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    One of the reason I got into growing was to grow my very own Jack Herer... back in the late 90's in the UK we had widow coming out of our ears, you would hear of the illusive Jack but it was never to be seen unless you filled your pockets up on the ferry back from the Dam... I never did that, you would not have catched me bringing weed back from the Dam... I'm a good boy, honest guv.

    Had 2 wonderful pheno types, Jack no.02 being the smaller but the better smoke. Jack no.01 being the big yielder... wish I had had more room to let her get bigger, she would have been a monster.
    Jack no. 01 about 4.5 oz dry
    Jack no. 02 about 2.5 oz dry

    Jack No.01
    2017-06-25 12.38.07.jpg

    2017-06-25 12.38.35.jpg

    Jack no.02

    2017-06-25 13.12.54.jpg


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Recent User Reviews

  1. epenguin
    Top job brother. I bet sales of this will go through the roof after seeing you knock the socks off it.

    Proud of ya pal.

    I taught him none of what he knows you know. Probably why it is so good.

    1. Slater
      That is lie, I have read your journals and found loads of useful info in there... on what not to do ;)

User Comments

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  1. Cartman
    Very nice looking Herer for sure... 1st Auto I've seen, done a great job on fattening her up too.. excellent man.. I do have
    one question.. Why do you have plastic wrap covering all your air holes on your expensive air pots.... is this something you
    do towards the end or all thru your grow. I use felt pots and just love them, grows have improved drastically.
      Slater likes this.
    1. Slater
      thank for the kind word my friend, the plastic wrap is there due to I had an infestation of fungus gnats through that grow. I covered the tops of the pots with sand and covered all the holes. worked a treat... on a side note I'm seeing better results with cloth pots than these now.
      Slater, Sep 4, 2018
  2. RidaRidaRida
    I started experiencing cannabis at an American Air Force Base on a Royal Air Force facility in East Anglia in the late 90's, early 2000s. White Widow, Blueberry, and Cali Orange were the primary strains we got. And soap-bar hash of course. I still remember the famous "9 Bar" everyone wanted to have.
      Slater likes this.
  3. Rick the ruller
    I'm starting some jack herer auto. I'm using coco and perlite and the flora series with calimag and using t5 lighting 2 foot 8 bulbs total 195 watts . I'm looking for tips on how to get the best grow I can using these .
      Slater likes this.
    1. Slater
      get a jouranl going dude, tag me (@Slater) and I will jump on in and help out my man.
      Slater, Aug 26, 2018
  4. Engineered Grower
    She looks really good! I am going to start some Jack Herer next from my winnings. I'm excited now after seeing yours!

      Slater likes this.
  5. SPZ
    I have a Jack Herer wood pipe (which I highly recommend)


    I always wanted to fill it with some Jack Herer weed, but I haven't seen that strain 'round these parts since the 90's. Thanks for the review, looks tasty.
      Slater, Mizzo81 and stedimed like this.
  6. F.N.
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Slater, Sep 4, 2017
      stedimed likes this.
  7. Arsenal
    Looking good @Slater, I am looking to try the auto version Jack and appreciate your report!
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
  8. epenguin
    Top Job !
      stedimed, Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Cheers boss, they are proving to be a tasty smoke as well or my curing is getting better. A bit of both me hopes.
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.
  9. stedimed
    Stellar grow Slater, They continue to get better and better :thumbsup: Do you have a link to the Blueberry Thread for us? Man, gotta witness that!
      Maria Sanchez and Slater like this.
    1. Slater
      Cheers @stedimed heres the link
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      Maria Sanchez and stedimed like this.
  10. Bud Wiser UK
    Very nice Mr Slater .. you must be well-pleased? :cheers:
      Slater, stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.
    1. Slater
      Thanks bud, was dead chuffed with those ladys... I think the blueberrys I got going at the moment will trump them.
      Slater, Sep 1, 2017
      stedimed and Maria Sanchez like this.