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    Received from CannaZone staff member
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    Zero. It was free.
    Jackpot Auto from Heavyweight Seeds won from 2017 Outdoor Grow Comp.
    Pack of 10 seeds had 3 crushed in mail.
    Previously dropped 4 seeds, 3 came up.
    All grew slowly. Then... disaster struck the garden...

    This time did them micro grow.
    Dropped the last 3 seeds, all germed, into a single 2 L (about 1/2 gal) pot.
    Two popped, slowly.

    20180326 Micro Meds CBD+THC Day 6 (8).jpg

    At about 12 days, I think, still slow growing and sickly looking.
    Other plants in the garden doing just fine....
    20180406 Micro Meds - Day 16 (Top) (4).jpg
    At day 42, give or take, they were starting bud-set.
    I think they showed first sex at about day 35 or so.
    20180502 Micro Meds - Day 42 (4).jpg

    20180502 Micro Meds (Macro) - Day 42 (3).jpg

    20180502 Micro Meds (Macro) - Day 42 (3).jpg
    Developing two slightly different phenos.
    Though they were very similar, obviously same strain.
    One was a bit taller, fractionally thinner, and generally stronger.
    Matured earlier, too, and had a bit of color at the end.
    The other was slightly stockier and deeper green.
    No real differences in leaves.
    Higher leaves looking more sharp and JH type sativa qualities.

    They both came down together at day 95.
    Shorter plant could have gone longer, but had to pack up the garden.
    Both showed slight signs of purple at the leaf and calyx tips in late flower.
    20180624 Micro Meds - Day 95 (4).jpg

    20180624 Micro Meds - Day 95 (5).jpg

    20180624 Micro Meds - Day 95 (6).jpg

    20180624 Micro Meds - Day 95 (7).jpg

    Here's where you can see that the shorter plant was still putting out many fresh calyxes...
    20180624 Micro Meds - Day 95 (8).jpg

    Other details of the grow, please check the journal.

    I've just been into the jar to get more of the taller pheno out.
    I've been test smoking and eating the product so far.
    The taller is nice smoke!!

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  1. Archaic
    It sounds a little like you were very generous with your stars. I'm glad you were able to salvage something decent out of the pack. Weak/non-germ seems to be a recurring theme with heavyweight. I gave some heavyweight to my dad and he had mixed results as well.
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  2. Exotic Flower
    Didn't realize that the first photo of a tiny seedling was going to show up for the main photo on the Forum home page................................... o_O
      Mizzo81 and ironpunch like this.
    1. St. Tom
      think you can change it to one of the others in edit i did it once
      St. Tom, Jul 30, 2018
      Mizzo81 and Maria Sanchez like this.
    2. Exotic Flower
      Could, but too late now. 120 minutes....
      Exotic Flower, Jul 30, 2018
      Mizzo81 likes this.
  3. St. Tom
    great job maria mine ran to around 90 days in a 3ltr pot i got around 44 grams off her not bad for outside in the uk
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