KIND K5 XL1000 Grow & Show CannaZone Review by Rebel

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    KIND Grow Lights
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    Received it free to test
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    Bomb Seeds - Edam Bomb Photoperiod

    EB 5_3-18-17.jpg
    EB 1_3-18-17.JPG
    EB 4_3-18-17.JPG
    EB 6_3-18-17.JPG
    EB 9_3-18-17.JPG

    FastBuds Pineapple Express

    PE 2_2017.JPG
    PE 3_2017.JPG
    PE 5_2017.JPG
    PE 7_4-19-17.JPG

    My Sister Discipline
    SD 1_12-4-16 1.JPG
    SD 1_12-4-16 2.JPG
    SD 1_12-4-16 6.JPG
    SD 3_12-7-16 7.JPG

    West Coast OG
    WCOG 1_11-22-16 6.JPG
    WCOG 1_11-22-16 6.JPG
    WCOG 2_12-6-16 1.JPG
    WCOG 2_12-6-16 7.JPG

    Dinafem Critical +
    CRITICAL 2_12-10-16 12.JPG
    CRITICAL 2_12-10-16 11.JPG
    CRITICAL 2_12-10-16 10.JPG
    CRITICAL 2_12-10-16 14.JPG
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    Lord where do I begin! This light is FAR superior to ANY light I've ever run... HPS from 150W to 600W. T5HOs (Quantum Badboy), and a total of three different brands of LED lighting. There is simply no comparison whatsoever in vegetative growth. Which leads to incomparable flowering, trich production/resin, aroma, yield and taste. The K5 XL1000 simply brings the best out of each individual plant. Whatever the maximum possibility is within each seed... the K5 XL1000 brings it out! I have seen nothing less in 11 months straight running this unit.
    Well, at this moment NO. The elephant in the room is the price. I was totally skeptical that the beginning... At $1,895 one may be shocked and feel that it's too much of a gamble in wondering if it's WORTH the price. In the LONG run. Long term. It's absolutely pays for itself in a short period of time. Now, I know I received it free to test. However, I am seriously trying to save up for another one so I can run both of my tents with a K5 XL1000. If that doesn't say something... I don't know what does.
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    Yes! I'm currently saving up for another one!
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  1. dickfitzwell
    "nice job"
    great grow nice details and great pictures nice job.
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    1. Rebel
      Thanks very much! I appreciate you checking my review out!!
  2. Christian Splaine
    this is a killer grow looks like nothing but straight fire amazing good
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    1. Rebel
      Thank you Christian!! I appreciate that very much!!

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  1. Notaclue
    You Sir....... Are gonna be baked!
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    1. Rebel
      Hell yes I was!! Lol thanks!!
      Rebel, Oct 14, 2017
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  2. imlovennuggets
    Looks like you certainly get max results! Lovely looking plants!
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    1. Rebel
      Thank you!! It certainly blew me away..
      Rebel, Oct 14, 2017
  3. Clix
    Good job friend :D
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    1. Rebel
      Thanks Clix!!! You rock dude!!
      Rebel, Oct 14, 2017
  4. MaxPowerGrows
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    1. Rebel
      Thank you!!
      Rebel, Oct 15, 2017
  5. Engineered Grower
    Very nice gro. Let us know the final results.
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  6. trailanimal
    slay me!. Well. I guess the light works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pass:
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