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Lsd-25 Fast Buds

  • LSD-25 Smoke Report and Strain Review

    Fast Buds

    : LSD-25

    Did it autoflower?: Y About 21 days

    • 3 gal. Air Pot
    • "Dutch Treat" Potting mix plus 30%coir
    • Coir brick was rehydrated in water which was supplemented with CalMag and Silica
    GH FloraNova Grow; Bloom; Liq Koolbloom; Dry Koolbloom; Floralicious; Calmag and Silica in the coir; and tried Terpinator for the first time, starting in bloom

    Scorpion MCOB, 5x 60 watt actual draw, but I grew under only 1 until late bloom.
    Duration was 20/4.

    Seed to harvest duration & height: Exactly 10 weeks. Could have gone longer but was starting to get mildew. LST so I am guessing the length to be 18- 20 inches.

    Dry Yield:
    28 grams plus samples and high quality sugar leaf. I figure I lost about 5 grams to mildew before chopping.

    BAG APPEAL: Great, and Not. Don't quite know how to score this so

    Pros: Thrichomes glitter against deep purple flowers. Calyxes are solid.

    Cons: Foxtailed like crazy, so not dense. Delicate scissor work is needed for vaping.

    THE GROWTH: 8/10
    There were 2 early traumas but I gave her a chance, and I have to say she was a fighter. Very little odor until mid bloom. Gorgeous purple blooms. Not very hungry. Took to LST well and she grew 12 colas. I wanted to wait another 2 weeks but powdery mildew visited a couple of times so I chopped at exactly 10 weeks.

    THE SMELL: 8/10
    Low odor during most of the growth, then like sewing machine oil.
    10 week cure: Varnish, sewing machine oil, and wildflowers. I can't keep my fingers away from my nose after cutting it up, it is so good.

    THE VAPOR: 8/10
    At a 10 week cure it tastes very floral, has that oil essence to it. I get a good amount of delicious vapor from a bowl, and the end is never harsh. Sometimes it makes me feel like sneezing when I exhale a green hit through my nose. The cured sugar leaf is excellent in a joint.

    THE HIGH: 9.5/10
    2-3 tokes is plenty. The cure makes it special. It hits fast and I am easily entertained. Soon becomes psychedelic and visual, alongside a soothing body stone that lasts well over 2 hours. A top up toke later gets me even higher, then I am in another world. Sleep is an option and comes easily as do sweet dreams.

    Too much at once is dizzying, and small dose can be creative but good luck actually getting anything done. Very similar effects to Barney's aptly named original.

    MEDICAL: 9/10
    Pain relief is almost instant
    , and lasts a good while too. Even on bad days this stuff nearly obliterates all pain. Don't know how much it helped inflammation.
    Decent appetite and as a bonus no cottonmouth. No obsessive munchies
    Sleep like a baby, with vivid dreams.

    I haven't had it tested but I am sure it is in the neighborhood of the 19% that the breeder claims.

    Might be my best homegrown yet. I will certainly grow this strain again.

    I week before harvest:
    upload_2018-5-4_19-17-19.png upload_2018-5-4_19-18-6.png

    One of the smaller dried buds. I tried to show the contrast but as you can see the trichs just snowed off.

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User Comments

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  1. VitaMan
    Sooo...it has preserved very well with Boveda 62 but I think that it continued to cure a little bit as the qualities have changed slightly.

    Taste is about the same but the effects (vaped) are far more psychedelic than before. When smoked it is as psychedelic as it was before (very) but adds an uplifting erect.

    I am going to grow Barney's auto version of the original to compare.

    If you grow this, you will find that it is amazing at about the 4 month mark.
  2. ScienceSeeker
    Your LST skills :worship:
      VitaMan likes this.
  3. VitaMan
    I have to add that this ounce is lasting me. It's potent effect is wonderful, and is an effective painkiller, but it's not an everyday kind of weed.

    I germed the other seed recently, then put her in soil but she never emerged.
  4. St. Tom
    nice review i have 5 of these seeds i cant wait to grow her
      VitaMan likes this.
    1. VitaMan
      Lucky you have seeds! The strain has been removed from the seed-banks I looked at, normally it would be listed as out of stock at worst, so I hope it isn't discontinued.
      VitaMan, Sep 25, 2018
    2. St. Tom
      seedsman have them in stock pal i just checked
      St. Tom, Sep 26, 2018
  5. Flash
    Yuck looks like i’d od on that hahahahaha!! Pretty color!
      VitaMan likes this.
    1. VitaMan
      Cured, it is almost black. And, a cure really did make the high much more powerful and psychedelic.

      Smoked is a little less psychedelic but is also clearer and a bit uplifting at first.
      VitaMan, Sep 22, 2018
      Flash likes this.
    2. Flash
      Flash, Sep 23, 2018
      VitaMan likes this.