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Mars 2 1200 watt review....

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  • Hello all. I'm here to give an honest non. Biased opinion of my mars hydro 1200 watt LED panel.

    This panel pulled well over 600 watts from the wall. Not very hot though was able to manage heat well. I've had the light for 7 months in a 3x3x5 and at first it performed well and imo out grew my 600 watt hps/mh system just as they promised it would .

    My nugs were more dense as well as bigger. My average jar of buds weighed about 35 grams under the hps and went up to about 43 grams when switching to this panel.

    Well 7 months have passed (not a long time in my opinion) and here are a few pics of the panel now.

    20160614_163634-1.jpg 20160614_163546.jpg 20160614_155556.jpg

    Mars hydro is fully aware of this problem considering every one of these lights have this problem with the blue 420 nm lense.

    There solution in this so far has been the upgraded mars pro series wich does not have the lense there for it cannot be burned out. This solution also takes the mars pro series lights into the next category as far as cost goes. But hey now at least you don't have to open up your light and desoldier and replace all your blue LED every 6 months.

    My current reccomendations when looking into LED is don't buy the cheaper lights you usually get what you pay for.

    No I'm not saying stay away from mars. I have seen the mars pro do great things and havnt really seen problems with them. But the main selling point of the mars reflectors and mars 2 was the lower price point. Well I can tell you in the long run ide rather buy 1 mars pro over 5 years then 3 or 4 mars 2.

    And when upgrading to the mars pro this puts you in another price bracket. This puts you in a competitive field of higher quality lights so feel free to form your own opinion and shop around.. ... or just get a mars 2 and a soldiering iron.

    I am currently working with mars hydro on the solution or what happens next with this light. I will make this an ongoing thread and document my experience with this LED manufacturer. .

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Recent User Reviews

  1. theRealDespotic
    "Exact same experience"
    My AK was barely distinguishable from the same clones under the HPS.

    After 2 grows I converted and split my mars panel to a DIY COB for 2 tents!
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  2. Bailey
    "Honest review"
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