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Mars 300 x2

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  • Hello AFN and anyone interested in the Mars 300 series.

    Let me begin by saying that I have never grown my own medicine until recently. After reading as much as I could from AFN and other resources, I set about getting what I needed for my first grow ever.

    Either you prepare for success or you plan for failure. My biggest constraint was of course, money. So i was looking for the best Bang for my buck. Most of the lights I wanted were out of my price range. I happened upon a 2 pack of Mars hydro 300's off ebay for $138.00 with free shipping. Each 300 used 140 watts of power. I figured hey, I can use these for one grow and upgrade.

    My setup is a 30inch by 30 inch tent that is 6 ft tall. Both lights in this tent were a perfect fit and coverage. Not once did the lights cause a heat issue.

    With 4 seeds and my tent setup i began my journey. So far, I have harvested 2 plants and still have 2 growing.I am still technically on my first grow.

    Originally I thought that I would replace these lights. But now I realize that they are perfect for my needs. I could not be happier with them. My plants thrived under them. Of course i found out that i needed to use cal mag which is standard for all led grows. No other defeciencies were a result of the light. My plants would have been bigger but I made several mistakes with nutes and ph. The lights out performed my expectations.Customer service was a 5 out of 5.

    For anyone that is looking for a good light at a reasonable price, you cant go wrong with Mars hydro. The 300 was part of their original series so anything after that can only get better.

    If you want, check out my journal.

    Thanks Marshydro and have a great day AFN!

    the girls.jpg thegirls51.jpg 20160607_072918.jpg 20160607_073030.jpg td1day62.jpg Pa2,3day42.jpg Pa2,4day42.jpg View attachment 594459

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