Mars Hydro 300 (60*5)

  • Brand of LED: Mars Hydro

    Price of the led :$70.00

    Delivery cost:free

    What size was the grow space :16"*16"*47"

    Spectrum used:I don't think it's a full spectrum, it has a lot of red

    Customer service rating..1-5:5

    Wattage of the LED ( actual power draw if poss):146

    Optics used :n/a

    Build quality:5

    Warranty length :90 days

    Any noticeable plant deficiencies : minor cal mag, intense diodes will burn tops closer than 12" in my small tent

    Value for Money Rating..1-5: 10

    Addition info :well worth the money to run 1 personal plant at a time in a stealth closet setup, I've done 2 grows with this light and haven't had a problem yet, no burned diodes or anything.

    Link to your AFN grow:

    Link to where it was bought :e bay seller marshydro

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