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    Magical butter
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    magical buttle HO australia
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    image (20).jpeg image (21).jpeg

User Comments

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  1. Cronk
    Do you need to decarb in the oven first to use this or is it all in one machine?
      Brenterf likes this.
    1. Brenterf
      decarbing is recommended.
      Brenterf, Aug 24, 2018
      Cronk likes this.
  2. Greenthumb199440
    Can you make oils like hash oils or just for cooking
      redeye jedi likes this.
  3. Kcdaniels
    Hey nice write up been looking at these for a while now......think I'll pick one up this summer....
      redeye jedi likes this.
    1. redeye jedi
      Thanks bud well worth it
      redeye jedi, Apr 23, 2018
  4. redeye jedi
    1. redeye jedi
      redeye jedi, Apr 21, 2018
  5. Farmer Dee
    I’ve got this unit too and it’s better than a crockpot or double boiler IMHO. Set it and forget it, well that’s until you smell the sweet aroma and hear the machine kick in out of no where. Sent me running out the room the first time I forgot it was on, lol! Thought I was in a Chainsaw Massacre movie scene. Thanks for telling folks how you enjoyed this, I think it’s a great add to the kitchen with multiple uses as you’ve stated.
      redeye jedi and Unique like this.
    1. redeye jedi
      its so easy and yes when its kicks into gear for the first time lol
      redeye jedi, Apr 20, 2018
      Farmer Dee likes this.
  6. Unique
    I love this Machine, I have one... Your coconut oil will come out just as good each & everytime! It's super easy to clean up, making oil never been so easy!
      Farmer Dee and redeye jedi like this.
  7. Mizzo81
    Nice I was thinking about getting one of these.
      stedimed, Unique and redeye jedi like this.
    1. redeye jedi
      if ya got the spare cash I would do it
      redeye jedi, Apr 20, 2018