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Medczech's Man Cave--auto Night Queen (new Phenotype)

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  • IMG_1703.JPG MedCzech's Man Cave :baked:. :meds:
    This is the third Auto a Night Queen run in the Man Cave, and according to Dutch Passion there are only three phenotypes, the tall and fast, the sweet midsize version, and the short and potent. I have seen all of these and I beleieve there are at least two more(I have two more girls still running which are different than any of these previous versions, but this one is the one we are reviewing now. I called her Jessica, because I was naming the plant she after the fantastic four characters and she looked so perfect, it just had to be Jessica Alba!! She is most definitely from the Skunk number one genetic heritage in the Auo Queen lineage. So this is the Skunk phenotype!

    Anyway, the report.

    Seed bank- Dutch Passion

    Strain- Auto Night Queen

    Did it autoflower? Really,...no, report over,...yes it did!

    Soil/Hydro- Auto Pots and coco/clay pebbles mix

    Nutes- Advanced Hydroponics of Holland complete line, plus CarboLoad, Overdrive, Cal-Mag+, and Rhino Skin from AN.

    Lights- This plant was grown under two 65W Autocobs-- both Cree 3590 chips at 3500k temp.

    From seed to harvest- 96 days yes, she took a while to finish...even took her with only 10% amber trichomes to avoid couch lock death.

    Dry yield-187 grams plus another 20 to 30 grams in trim and popcorn bud. I thought she would be more, but the buds really lost weight:( I thought she might be over 250 at first.

    High effect/duration- She is actually very different from the other phenos, she is Skunk tasting and a little head high and up buzz that lasts around 20 minutes, then about one hour of a very nice euphoric body buzz. Very nice for light activity like biking, golf, or hiking, but you need to re-medicate within the two hour gap or you get really lethargic and tired.

    BAG APPEAL- **** not bad here, tons of orange hairs, but the buds could be a little more dense. Trichs and frost I don't worry though, they are there in spades!

    THE GROWTH-***** the grow went perfect with her. No issues at all. She just took a couple weeks longer to finish up and even then I took her a touch early.

    THE SMELL-*** the smell is also not really what I want in a night queen,...I want strawberry rocket fuel or afghan sweet berries, and this phew is just Skunk bud basic with maybe just a hint of the sweetness in there.

    THE SMOKE- **** I guess this is like the quality of the taste and smoothness of the smoke and in this case she is great. Due to her hairs, she smokes really intense but smooth if your not a dumb ass when hitting her.

    THE HIGH-**** Jessica is a lovely strain, and although she was not my favorite, she has a great place in my Man Cave medicine cabinet. The high is always consistent and due to her potency, your don't need to smoke too much.



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Recent User Reviews

  1. MedCzech
    "Just a joy to grow. UPDATE! Flavor improving."
    she started to mello out on the pine flavors and transition to a creamy sweet with a hint of pine and spice.

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  1. MedCzech
    After full cure, this bud turned out great. Creamy, sweet, pine, hash, & Skunk flavors. No berry left in there, but the result is really nice, and her buzz is great for night time rest and daytime slumber!
  2. Free Flow
    Nice detailed review
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  3. MedCzech
    The cure is having a lovely affect on this girl. She I said mellowing and belong a little creamy and more sweet. The Skunk dominance is still there, but the genetics from the Afghan lineage coming through a little more than before. I think this is about where she has stabilized in her flavor. The next two girls should be even better!
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    1. MedCzech
      Thanks VitaMan. There are two different phenos still to come. One just got chopped so the report is coming soon. Great strain for night time!
      MedCzech, Jul 12, 2018