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Moby Dick XXL

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  • Company Name:
    DinaFem seeds
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    Gifted froma friend
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    50.00 Canadian appeoximately
    Here is some picture of these beautiful Moby Dick. Plant ONE
    IMG_8769.JPG IMG_8816.JPG

    Plant TWO this one was weighed
    IMG_8839.JPG IMG_8858.JPG IMG_8950.JPG

Recent User Reviews

  1. MedCzech
    "Look like some tasty bugs bro!"
    F.N. likes this.
    1. F.N.
      Thanks bro take care

User Comments

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  1. Cartman
    Excellent plants... always wanted to grow that MD xxl and even more so now after seeing your plant..

    I've also found having a good amount of Sativa in an Auto can make for a nice daytime stone and with no paranoia or
    feelings of anxiety after affects like a pure long flowering Sativa will do/can do for some.. It's an unreleased strain called
    Man Bear Alien Pig by Mephisto Genetics.. what an amazing high, funny thing is, she's made up of mostly Kush strains..
    Since seeds were fem'd and not going to be released now, we saved her by hitting her with a Sativa leaning male of my
    strain... Gabagoo #2 and Miss Piggy was born...

    Your MD xxl would be a great breeder stock for it's fast growth and fat buds.... nice weight, lovely plants man, keep it up
  2. El Campesino
    What kind of lighting?
  3. St. Tom
    Holy shit shes amazing great job pal :worship:
      F.N. likes this.
  4. Unique
    Beautiful Plant,You did a great Job on that!:worship:
      F.N. likes this.
  5. Kelpie-dog
    really enjoyed reading this review. Thanks for sharing.
      F.N. likes this.
  6. Random Apple

    My xxl mobies are on day 10,,,,, any specific things you’ve learned from swimming alongside such a creature.... any tips I mean?
      Clix and Maria Sanchez like this.
    1. F.N.
      They love there food brother feed them and have some space they get big.
      F.N., Apr 28, 2018
      Unique and Clix like this.