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Moby dick XXXXL

Average User Rating:
  • image (1).jpeg image (2).jpeg image.jpeg Dinafem Moby dick Xxl.
    This is one of my favorite strains out. Dinafem has done an amazing job in helping us produce massive yields and great smoke.

    SeedBank :




    Did it autoflower?: YES

    Promix hpcc/ 5% coco/5% coco coir/10% small perlite and 10% large perlite


    A&B, bio root, bio marine, bio root, calmag, microbe amino acids, flower and yield enhancer, kool bloom, aurora soul, sweet raw, sugar daddy, nectar of the gods.


    Shared lights- 4 plants per light at 19-5 schedule
    Amare technologies se-450 6 Cree 3070 cobs and 160 watts of built on LEDs surrounding the cobs.


    90 days from sprout to chop

    Dry Yield:

    Just over 250 dry grams of primo
    30+ grams of lower fluff.

    High/Effect Duration:

    Definitely uplifting. Great day time smoke.

    RATE SCALE: 4 1/2 star overall


    4 star


    5 star


    4 star, not the stinkiest

    THE SMOKE:*****

    Excellent smoke and plenty of it.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Prez2.0
    "Nice work but details please"
    Thanks for sharing, looks great but fill us in on details for a review, specifically the final product
    jokerinkx3 likes this.

User Comments

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  1. puffy
    Been out of the game for a fair few years, but it seems like DinaFem reigns supreme. Some of the stuff they put out is amazing.

    I sure know which breeder I'll be focusing on once I get my new setup up and going.
  2. Chong's Cousin
    how many mars 300 leds does your lights amount to,im a newb and am just wondering?
    1. BigSm0
      Wall wattage times efficiency on most 300w leds vs wall wattage times efficiency on the Autocob is very similar. 1-1 is a good comparison with all factors taken into consideration.
      BigSm0, Nov 15, 2017
      Chong's Cousin likes this.
    2. Chong's Cousin
      Are you saying your cobb is a 1-1 comparison to mars 300w Led? I just want to see why going cobb is better or smarter....i dont doubt the cobbs after checking out the pics here....just need some more clarification. Thanks a bunch for your response
      Chong's Cousin, Nov 15, 2017
  3. Kelpie-dog
    thanks for this report. Was your primo stuff airy or was it dense? I'd really like to know if you could reply. Thank you.