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Mugs by Rebel's Appalachian Groove Works

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    Rebel's Appalachian Groove Works
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    Rebel's Appalachian Groove Works
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    I purchased some mugs from Rebel's Appalachian Groove Works. I liked the AFN logo design so much, I asked him to make me my own, The Lab mug! Even with the custom order, it only took a couple days to get done and shipped. Great communication with rebel all along the way. Couldn't ask for a nicer guy to do business with!

    I've made these kind of items in the past, so I know what goes into making custom items, and what it takes to get the graphics placed precisely. Rebel did and excellent job! He is also using a good quality mug. I love the contrasting black interior and handle, really brings attention to them.

    I received my mugs today from Rebel's Appalachian Groove Works. First shipping was FAST! Always a good start. I inspected them for damage/flaws and they are perfect, couldn't ask for a nicer product of this type.

    I love the AFN Logo! But I love my The Lab mug even more. Gene Wilder was SO memorable as Young Frankenstein! He's a perfect mascot for The Lab!

    Thank you Rebel for your fine product, and for promoting AFN with them!

    AFN Mugs pic1.jpg

    AFN Mugs pic2.jpg
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Top quality mugs with very well done graphics!
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Yes definitely
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Yes, an excellent product!
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Yes totally!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Rebel
    So glad you like them Pop!! Thank you for the very detailed review of my work! I appreciate that very much! I also appreciate your support and business very much! May they serve the Lab well!!

    What Knockers!!
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  2. Micron Creek
    An excellent mug for a fellow scientist.
    sewerdweller, stedimed and Rebel like this.

User Comments

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  1. F.N.
    Yours looks so NICE I bought one. Mine is on its way a 15 OZ AFN java mug.
      pop22 likes this.
  2. iWumbo
    Thats definitely a wicked mug that picture looks so clean, it's dope rebel can make such nice custom gear for the community . Anyways sweet mugs :cheers:
  3. budelee
    Its, its alive !!!!! That is an awesome mug, flawlessly done by one if our own !!!! Excellent work Rebel.Awesome choice in design Pop22 !!!