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  • Company Name:
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Directly from the Owner/Engineer.
    Purchase Price:
    I did not pay for my MyRosinPress. It came in a sturdy box with foam cutouts for stability during shipping. I understand the boxes shipped are unmarked and discrete.
    My Rosin Press

    @Eekman and I were asked to host the Manufacturing Engineer of My Rosin Press for a personal demonstration of the My Rosin Press. We were all very excited to see what he had.
    We had a nice little group; @Eekman , @Son of Hobbes@Miss Widow @HawaiiGuy and me (@Root:smoking:) gathered in my kitchen for an amazing afternoon with @MyRosinPress .
    His passion for the press and strive for perfection really came out in his presentation. Which lasted several hours, I don’t think anyone wanted it to end and we were getting a little baked as we sampled some of the 13 grams he pressed.

    Unpacking the box.
    My Rosin Press comes in a sturdy box with foam cut outs for the unit to stay secure during shipping.
    The unit it self is not very heavy, has a nice handle and a cord/tool caddy in the back and even has a cut out on the base to keep you from banging your leg as you walk while carrying it. My Rosin Press will also fit in a backpack, in case you want to travel with it.
    There was a lot of thought that went into making the My Press.
    Every unit is personally calibrated before it is shipped. (@MyRosinPress showed us how to do it and it’s really easy. It requires feeling the pressure the plates.) Detailed instructions are available on their website, @MyRosinPress assured us that calling their customer support, you will speak to a real live person, who really believes in their product and will help you with any issue.

    My Rosin Press is a sturdy little machine that can sit on your counter, blending in with other appliances.

    When you plug it in, it is in a safe mode, there is no heat going to the plates. There is a welcome message and then the lit up display shows the preset temperature of 220F, the mode (off) and the current temperature of the plates.
    With the 4 white buttons on the left you turn on the heat to the plates, can raise or lower temperature and change from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
    The housing is made with abs plastic, keeping the unit cool and lightweight. We used the demonstration unit for several hours and it did not heat up.

    When you turn on the unit, push the lever down, it takes 6 to 12 minutes to get to temperature. It is pre set to the manufacture recommendation for pressing flower.
    While the unit is heating up, you weigh out a 1 gram bud to press in the pollen press. Turning just til it stops will give you a nice size puck to press.
    Next, pre-make as many envelopes as you need. Just cut some parchment about five inches long, and 2 inches wide, folding it in half the long way. Fold the side edges over in a zig-zag fashion so it doesn’t leak. (Check out the Press Hack on their website) Next place the puck into an envelope, and it is ready to press.
    When the plates are up to temperature, raise the handle and place the envelope on the bottom plate. Lower the top plate to rest on top of the envelope for a 10 - 15 second pre-press. Then lower the plate all the way and the timer will start. Within a few seconds we could see the resin flow out like golden lava. @Son of Hobbes phone camera got such good pictures!
    Total time pressing was 115 seconds.

    At the end of the pressing, place your left hand on the base to brace the unit. With your right hand, raise the lever to unlock the plates and then all the way up. The unit does not get hot where you put your hand. It was designed to use air as insulation between the pressing plates and the abs plastic.
    I wish there was such a thing as smell-o-vision...we pressed 13 grams during the demonstration. My kitchen smelled like a dispensary! We never did weigh the resin, we were too anxious to try it I guess.
    The Genius Pipe (link to review) was first in our arsenal of smoking contraptions. The taste was so smooth…clean and very flavorful. It had no solvent taste!
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Solventless rosin. This means better tasting dabs and better medicine.
    MyRosinPress is the perfect size for use in the home. Small and light weight, can sit inconspicuously on the kitchen counter.
    None I've encountered yet.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Although I didn't purchase this MyRosinPress, I would buy one if something should happen to this one.
    The convenience of MyRosinPress and how easy it is to make solventless meds makes it worth every penny.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Yes. We have a couple of members making their own smaller, personal presses and they are doing a wonderful job! But that is not feasible for most home growers. MyRosinPress is small and easy to press out a dab in minutes!
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Definitely exceeded my expectations.
    Being able to make medicine without the use of toxic solvents is a game changer in my book! I am working on revising some of my recipes to make a safer product with solventless resin.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Eekman
    For us, solventless is the only way we like to dab, or mix with my bud as a bowl topper. Small, compact, and still sits on our counter like the other appliances. As convenient as using your blender, and not as messy. I love the flavor, because there is a tiny bit of matter in the rosin, it is a bit heavier than wax, so use accordingly. Great flavor, untouched by chemical extraction.

    I don't see any flaws yet, but I IMG_6176.JPG will let you know.

User Comments

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  1. BetaGrower
    Great review, 5*
  2. Tacoavenger17
    Awesome review, I love the picture with the press next to by the blender. Definitely let's you know scale.
      Boveda and Root like this.
  3. Wawashell
    What a beautiful addition, I am so jealous. I have been researching these types of presses for a good bit and still haven’t bite the bullet to get one of these setups. So need to, my wife keeps fussing I make her hair smell like buds, lol
      Root likes this.
  4. lunarman
    How does this unit create enough pressure to squish at say 1500 psi? Is there any hydraulics or pneumatics involved or some sort of manual vice?
      Root likes this.
    1. Root
      Technical questions are best answered by @MyRosinPress they are members here at autoflower.net
      You can also chat with them at https://www.myrosinpress.com/ Or call (720)432-2332
      The unit is manual with a leverage locking arm.
      Root, Jul 2, 2018
  5. BII
    Does the unit do decarboxylation? Can the pre-press mode be used with heating in the right temperature range?
      Root likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. BII
      How about decarbing dry buds before pressing? Is that advisable? Or presuming I'm going to use a vaporizer, is decarbing even needed?
      BII, Jun 30, 2018
      Root likes this.
    3. Root
      When I decarbed the bud before pressing, it was darker and very little smell or taste.
      Decarbing is not necessary when you vape.
      Root, Jun 30, 2018
    4. lunarman
      @Bll just in case you are going to get in to rosin I wanted to mention that if you have a vape today for flower it's probably not going to work well for rosin. I've found multipurpose vapes that do flower etc don't do rosin well. For vaping rosin you can get a water filter rig with either a torch or e-nail for heating. Or you can get a wax specific portable vape pen like an Yocan Evolve Plus. Or get both types, which is what I want to get eventually.
      lunarman, Jul 2, 2018
      Root likes this.