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O.g. Candy Dawg Kush (medical Review)

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Recent User Reviews

  1. UpNsmoke86
    "Just popped 2"
    I just popped 2 of these . Hoping they come out as good as your! Thanks for the review!
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User Comments

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  1. cloudsosmoke
    Hey there
    Just grown this strain so thought I’d chime in

    Seedstockers description say it can go extra time so
    I harvested the end bud of every branch on Day 73
    and on day 87 (2 wks later) I was able to harvest some nice evenly-sized buds from the rest

    Heavy feeder
    Good yield

    Dry but not yet cured
    Tested..it works
  2. Medimadness
    Great review, sounds like a great evening strain for myself.
    I don’t have ms myself but this review still addressed my range of symptoms so you have me looking to purchase more seeds.
    i just wish i had that nug right now :drool:
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  3. MissUniverse
    :thanks: for such a good review. I will be pro ably buying some seeds of this strain to try for the hubby. He's having lots of seizure issues. Things that work for ms and cp tend to work well for his seizures. Again thank you!
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  4. 68grasshopper
    quality report,excellent result :thumbsup:
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  5. MedGrower
    (this form didn't allow me to post more than one character to the "general information field" so I write to review here to the comment section.)

    Finished growing this strain back in August of this year and we kept sampling it during several months for the most accurate review we can do.

    Direct link to the grow diary

    I consider this strain a very forgiving and easy one to grow. It responded very fairly for external stress, including heat without struggling too much. I am sure the summer time heat stress (temps far above 30 C / 85 F) reduced my overall yield some but I still got 1 gpw production out of it. I am sure this strain would be able to deliver decent harvests with optimal conditions.

    I think this strain responds very well to different growing techniques. Used technique called "main-lining" on it and it did very well. I'd recommend it for the ease of it, as long as your plant has had a very healthy start with no problems.

    I had fairly average or even lower than average feeding needs for this strain. She seemed happy in my DWC at around 1.0 EC peak, while my base tap water EC is about 0.14. I use Remo Nutrients.

    Like the name suggests. Very candy -like taste to this strain. It was sweet, yet bright, somewhat fruity taste to it also. Very pleasant and smooth vaping. Me and my patient really liked the taste and found it very satisfying.

    Medical effects:

    My patient suffers from MS and it causes wide variety of pains for her, including inflammatory pain, nerve pain and pains due to cramping muscles and what not. To our surprise, this strain helped with all of them very fairly. Although it did not compare to the best for the nerve pain we have found so far, the great Blue AutoMazar from Dutch Passion, this strain is a fair competitor for it and together with very good anti-anxiety effects and general soothing and relaxing effects with over all pain reduction, it is an excellent medical variety for a good all around therapeutic effect on top of straight up pain reduction.

    I am certain this strain would perform for wide variety of pain due to different ailments. I know each case is individual but witnessing such a wide range relief from this one was rather encouraging. It's another tool in our arsenal now and it will stay there. Very much recommended.

    Is it suitable for pressing wax?
    Yes. It is suitable for pressing. I got fairly moderate yields from pressing and the quality of wax was good.


    - Responds well for most growing techniques, including "main-lining"
    - Rigorous, easy and forgiving strain to grow
    - Medium / Low feeding needs
    - A bit over 180 grams of solid grade A -nug with 180w of light in 67 days
    - Very good medical effects. Pain relief over wide variety of pain symptoms.
    - Anti-anxiety feel good effects. Very relaxing and chill mental effects
    - Pleasant, bright and sweet taste.

    Although this strain is very excellent one and I'd highly recommend to anyone, recreational users and medical users alike, I give it 4,5 out of 5 since there are couple five stars strains that gives even better medical coverage and yield than this strain. However, you need to have variety to your medication and for your recreational needs and you should seriously try this one out for that need.
    1. Seedstockers_Mischa
      WOOOW ! Perfect review ! Great job ! I can't wait to see some other of your Seedstockers grow !
      Seedstockers_Mischa, Nov 27, 2018
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