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    IMG_8347.JPG so in my search for a co2 solution for my sealed grow space i came across a multitude of really expensive burner type generators. being in Australia i was limited in what i could buy, i could order one of the options from the US, but that would require adapting it for use over here and even still most of the options are fairly expensive with the name brands like titan etc, and postage was well over $100 for most of these heavy units.

    so i did some digging, figuring most of these guys are using very similar looking and speced items they must be getting them manufactured from somewhere in china. browsing my local ebay i came across a number of listings from Chinese sellers for identical items. if anyone wants to search for it on ebay use the following term "Hydroponic LP Gas CO2 Generator 4 Burner" you will find a ton of results, you want to make sure you find the one with this image showing P4B-LP as the model. [​IMG]
    if you search the model number you will find the front facing US company pan-tech. (where the item sells for $361 USD) my understanding is this unit is straight from the manufacturing facility in china, Nantong pantech electronic Co., Ltd, hence the cheap price. i would not at all be surprised if most companies selling these units are getting them all from here and adjusting them with branding etc, most of the expensive units have just had a second solenoid valve added.

    anyone on to the unit. my ebay seller included free postage, and they had a warehouse in sydney so my unit arrived in only 3 days, pretty amazing for such a heavy item to include free postage and i didn't have to wait for a month for it to arrive as is typical from chinese sellers.

    everything came as advertised, except the regulator and power unit. both advertised by the seller as working in the Australian market, however the regulator is clearly not using a standard POL fitting for Australian markets, it looks to me like a type 1 connector for US markets? can an american confirm? its a shame as the hose is really good quality, if you have the ability you can just take off the regulator and add your own. however i just purchased a separate house and regulator.

    blue one is the included regulator, fitting is not POL. good i guess if your an american looking at this unit if its an american style fitting for your LPG bottles.


    the power connector is fine to be used with an adaptor on your co2 controller


    cheap as looking travel adaptor they included, i decided to use my own higher quality adaptor.

    strongly recommended to use with a controller, any co2 controller should work fine but with a unit that puts out this much co2 you really want the control or you could do serious damage to your plants and even yourself if your not careful, it will fill a large area with co2 very quickly.

    advertised as using 11,176 BTU for this 4 burner unit.

    internal wiring all looks pretty clean and neat to me

    ignition module

    solenoid being used, the main difference i've seen between these units and the more expensive ones are the inclusion of an extra solenoid, up to you if thats something you want or not and if its worth spending an extra $200-300 on i guess.

    hose connection to unit


    you can view a video of them on at my instagram https://www.instagram.com/rayuki420/

    power button and connector, red led showing when its on.

    hanging in the tent
    now obviously this is personal preference, and should be used with common sense as the unit could potential burn your house down. from my testing to fill my 10x10 room this thing is only on about 1-2mins at a time, every hour or even longer. i can still put my hand on top of it and its not even really warm. if you can secure it in place and make sure its not gonna move around it should be fine in a tent. just make sure you take precautions and have a fire extinguisher. also please note this unit MUST be hanging, you can prop it up on a crate or something so take that into consideration if you are looking at buying a burner.

    now from my testing the unit is very good for my space. i only have access to the small swap and go 8kg gas bottles in my area for LPG. for anything bigger you need a certification plate for whatever your using it with so i wanted something that would last me so im not swapping co2 bottles etc every few days. with my dodgy calculations this should last me a whole grow easy, if not longer. if you go off being on for say max 5mins every hour thats 120mins on time every 24hrs (less if your not running 24hr light schedule obviously)

    at 11000 BTU = roughly 11MJ
    8.5kg gas bottle contains 16.6L of propane
    propane contains about 25MJ per litre so 8.5kg bottle is 415MJ

    415/11 = 37 days of continuous use. if my maths is correct anyway (feel free to correct me if anyone knows how to work it out correctly lol im going off elgas website here), and we are only using it 120mins every day if that. but this doesn't take into account efficiency, but either way a bottle should last A LONG TIME, unless your doing a much bigger space and the unit has to be on for longer. actual real world results i will post up as it happens.

    anyway i hope you enjoyed my first review, i am very happy with the unit, and hopefully i can save you guys some money!
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    really cheap, included instructions are in English and precise. extremely efficient, a bottle of LPG will last ages.
    advertised as coming with regulator and power for Australian market as i purchased from Australian ebay, however regulator is for US market and US plug for the power. be aware if you are buying this as an aussie you will need to buy your own regulator and hose or you could end up blowing yourself up.
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    extremely satisfied, does what i wanted it to, doesn't produce much heat as its only on for about 1-2mins every hour or so.

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  1. Slater
    Hey @rayuki , great review you have me all interested... was looking into this but thought CO2 was a write off due my tent and extraction set up but after looking at this product I feel I might be able to use one.
    So how it working out for you so far ? Are you running a closed environment in that tent or are you extracting on a timer ? ... filtering smell is a must for me bit I have done tests and I can get away with an 1/2 to and hour (depending on strain) before I get a considerable amount of smell leek.
      NorwegianGrower likes this.
    1. rayuki
      yeah mate i've had issues. hopefully people can learn from my mistakes lol. read from here in my journal. but basically if you want to run a burner in a sealed space you will need enough o2 in the room for the burner or it will create poison for your plants

      rayuki, Sep 14, 2017