Phytomax 2-800W

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Black dog LED
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drop ship from black dog
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The light works well when it functions properly -vigorous growth and bud swelling.
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Customer service. These guys really need to get their sh*t together. One of my lights was dead on arrival. This light was replaced and the replacement light had a strip of LEDs out within 6 months. After bouncing from employee to employee, I was told that I had to pay for shipping for a loaner light. I was told the loaner would be a prior generation light that would sufficiently meet my needs. Today, a "brand new" light arrived with two loose screws (unattached in the box). I had left a message with the manager/owner, Noah, which was never returned. A shipping manager called me and assured me that this Noah would be calling me after lunch. I never received a call. Hours later I called back and was told he was busy. Sure the 5 year warranty seems great in theory but is useless in practice. BUYER BEWARE!
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Please see "negatives about this product"

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  1. HashyApache
    In their defense, after this second string of issues they offered to print me a shipping label so I could send it out, but like I said, at this point I cant just really shut down shop, she is set up over a fully loaded scrog net, otherwise I'd send it off and it would be no issue! Still would be lying through my teeth if I said I was not bummed.
    Could have gotten 5 Vero29V7 COB 400 Watt kits for the same price without any of the headache.
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  2. A-Train
    Hashy you should def do a review here as well documenting your light. Thats 2 people buying the upper class of light and not getting what they paid for in quality or def customer service. That price on a light there should be no questions asked when quality problems arrive and the company should cover the shipping of their brand new failed light.
  3. HashyApache
    Have an Phytomax 2 800 myself, and am not pleased. Purchased the light with a row of LED's out fresh out of the box. Had to pay $46 or whatever it costed to be shipped back, and within two weeks of having it back, one of the cooling fans failed and a totally different row of diodes went out on me. I'd send it back again, but I'm in the middle of a flowering run and cant really afford to take it down and send it away for a week. Really kind of sucks. Spoke in depth to Cliff, one of their reps who said that it was a driver issue that they have been having. Like the OP said, when the lights work they crush it, but if they are failing, then what's the point?
    Its all Chip on board LED's for this guy from this point moving forward. Super bummed.
    1. Vapo69
      That fuckin sucks too dude.....aren't Black dog a vendor on AFN?? A-Train said for that price, they should be performing better!!
      Vapo69, Dec 20, 2017
  4. Kingflipper
    I cannot justify the cost of these lights in my head. Seriously, 2600$ for 1 light?:yoinks: Not doggin on you one bit for buying it buddy, I promise... Its just not for me:shrug:
    Drivers,diodes,lenses and a case surely cannot cost anywhere near their MSRP.
    I get it that people go into business for profit, but I see this as being overboard and greedy.
    Hopefully they'll serve you well though and all issues are resolved timely. Thanks for the review. In the end what the consumer has to say about a product is really what matters :smokeout:
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    1. pop22
      If your going for a high end light, Fluence has the best and far superior to Blackdog, AND $1000 cheaper!
      pop22, Dec 26, 2017
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  5. A-Train
    Shouldnt take a review like this to get the service thats supoosed to be provided with a 2,500 dollar light. But glad they hit you back finally
  6. F.N.
    Yes keep us posted on the progress. I hope this has a happy ending.
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  7. neurotree
    This was just a PSA. I'm stuck with em for the duration. Yeah it's too bad too, the lights crush when they work. In fairness, I have just spoken with Noah and have the cost of shipping loaner lights covered for a few years if I need to have anything repaired again under warranty. Also, they are scheduling a pick up from my place with ups for the "new" light that I wasn't supposed to receive. It is still unclear from the latest ticket update whether they are repairing or replacing the light with the strip out. So all in all, eh.

    Edit: He called not soon after I posted this. Quite a coincidence :clapper:
  8. F.N.
    Unreal I have nothig more to say
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  9. db003
    that is the reason why I switch from led to hps is all the problems I was having with led's or power supply's going out on me

    all products have there good and bad but at the price you paid they should have way better costumer service then that

    mine were mars hydro led lights by the way
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  10. EvilScotsman
    aye screw that mate. could get 25 of my 270w mars leds for that price. say what you want about them but theyve done 10 months without a glitch and pull a healthy wieght. i couldnt justify paying that much like. go spend 2 grand on all the bits for a diy cob and pay a decent sparky the rest to build it. it’d be brighter than the sun and you could use it to fill a dozen acres. probably have enough left over to make a tanning bed for the mrs aswell : )
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