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Prism Lighting Science Cmh Ballast

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Prism Lighting Science produced a ballast for use with CMH lighting.
  • Description of Product/Service:
    The Prism Lighting Science Ceramic Metal Halid Ballasts are designed to run 315W CMH lamps for agricultural purposes.
    Company Name:
    Prism Lighting Science
    Product/Service Website:
    Top Three Features:
    1.120/240 options
    2.End of life protection
    3.Thermal Protection
    The problem and the promise?:
    So the Prism Lighting Science ballast was made to have all the features and technology needed for optimal performance. With none of the expensive frills in order to keep it priced as low as possible. So in essence the ballast is suppose to save you money in your initial purchase and give you the same performance as a higher priced ballast.
    Purchased From?:
    Purchase Price:
    3 Year
    The Prism Lighting Science 315w CMH ballast boast multiple ballast protections such as ignition failure protection.While offering safe usage for your indoor environment as well maximizing the PAR output of your Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. They compare their product to the Philips CMH/CDM ballast. Bellow I have included the specs provided by the website my package was shipped from along with some pics of my grow.

    Ballast Specifications:
    Wattage: 315W
    Input Volt: 120V/240V
    Input Current: 2.89A / 1.42A
    Input Power: 343W
    Min Power Factor: .95
    THD: <15%
    Crest Factor: <1.7

    Ballast Physical
    Length 215mm / 8.46 in
    Width 178mm / 7.01 in
    Height 92.5mm / 3.64 in
    Weight 3.0kg / 6.62lb lb

    Ballast Protections
    1. End of Life (EOL) Protection
    2. Short circuit protection
    3. Open circuit protection
    4. Ignition failure protection
    5. Thermal protection

    Ballast Installation & Application Notes
    1. Max allowable case temperature: 75 Degrees C / 167 Degrees F
    2. Ambient Temperature: -20, +55 Deg. C / -4, +131 Deg. F
    3. Max. Humidity: 95%
    4. Ignition voltage is 5kV

    Ballast Performance Requirements:
    • Rated mains voltage: 120-240V
    • Voltage range: (+/-10%): 108-264V
    • Mains frequency: 50/60 hz
    • Operation Frequency: 140-220kHz
    • Wave Type: Square

    Prism test4 Last ballast shot.jpg Prism test3.jpg Prism test.jpg CMhabove plant.jpg large tent.jpg Frost 2.jpg frost.jpg
  • First Impressions:
    My first thoughts after setting the lights up was how bright they were. The spectrum was neat to see compared to other lighting I have used and made viewing my plants much easier.
    Actual Benefits Provided:
    My plants seem to thrive under this type of light. They Functioned well and gave me a bountiful harvest. I was able to observe my grow with out using color corrective glasses witch was a major plus. The ballast never failed and never seem to have any issues.
    Who should use this product/service?:
    Anyone who is looking to run CMH lights with a lower cost but high quality ballast.
    User Friendly?:
    Yes. The combo seems to have a plug and play feel to it. Was easy to set up and not complicated to maintain.
    Who should NOT use this product/service?:
    Anyone who can not properly vent their grow room or control heat.
    Comparable Products/Services:
    Philips CMH/CDM ballast,Xtrasun CMH Digital Ballast are examples of other similar ballast.
    How long have you used this product/service?:
    9 Months
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Ballast functioned well and I would say preformed exactly how it was suppose to. Plants loved the light produced and flourished.
    Heat. The lights produce a decent amount of heat so good cooling and ventilation is a must.
    Able to overcome negatives?:
    I added fans directly on the lights them selves and increased my exhaust fan speed. I also have a Air con system running in the summer months.
    Rate the Product Quality:
    • High Quality
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    I gave the Prism Lighting Science Ballast a rating of 5 out of 5. I did this because when I think of reviewing grow room equipment. I have to ask myself questions. Did the this product do what it promised to do? Did it do so while functioning at a normal level (Example: No failures or needing to be replaced) Did the product add any complications to my grow? and so on.

    The ballast itself worked well and delivered on its supposed use. I ran into no direct issues with the ballast and both of the two I received are still working well. So this is the reason of my 5 out of 5 rating.

    I did however have heat build up issues I had to deal with. This was resulting from the lights themselves producing more heat then I am used to dealing with. Keeping in mind this is my first experience with growing under HID style lighting. I was able to control heat by having fans blowing directly on the bulbs and adding more exhaust to the grow. I also ran my ac at a lower temp in the warmer months.

    Overall my opinion of Prism Lighting Science ballast and cmh lighting is high. I had a positive experience and will continue to grow under these lights using the Prism ballast. I would like to add that CMH has now become my favorite type of lighting to grow under for flower.

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  1. F.N.
    That was a great showcase. They are inexpensive and produce they have some really good features too. And the price WOW.
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    1. Clix
      Thanx man :D
      Clix, Sep 22, 2018
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