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Pulse One

Author Rating:
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Our easy setup connects your Pulse device to your WiFi in less than a minute. Once connected, position the device in your grow area.

Use the Pulse app to remotely monitor your garden’s conditions from anywhere. Set custom alerts that notify you instantly when something is not right.

Data-driven insights increase yields and reduce waste. You will always know the impacts your actions have on your grow room's environment.

Smart and precise environmental monitoring for growers.
Improve your grow with remote monitoring of temperature, RH, light, and VPD, custom alerts, and integrated journaling.
  • Description of Product/Service:
    Pulse measures temperature, humidity, light, and VPD (vapor pressure defecit).
    Company Name:
    Product/Service Website:
    Top Three Features:
    monitor temperature, humidiy, light, and VPD (vapor pressure defecit).
    The problem and the promise?:
    no problems whats so ever
    Purchased From?:
    recevied as a tester
    Purchase Price:
    its a great product and very easy to use
  • First Impressions:
    very cool product
    Actual Benefits Provided:
    I was able to really see how slight adjustments affected my plants by using data to see the outcome
    Who should use this product/service?:
    anyone how wants to monitor temperature, humidiy, light, and VPD (vapor pressure defecit).
    User Friendly?:
    yes very easy to set up and monitor
    Who should NOT use this product/service?:
    none that I could think of
    How long have you used this product/service?:
    9 months
  • Positives/Benefits:
    being able to monitor temperature, humidity, light, and VPD and being able to dial it in and being able to see how it affects the plants
    Rate the Product Quality:
    • High Quality
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    yes in a heartbeat
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    its a great grow room monitor and has help me better understand how the environment that your plants live in effects the plants with real time data. it is a great investment for any serious grower.

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