Purple Gorilla

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    $0.00, yet again a test
    Well what can I say this girl from day one wanted to grow and she did fast and well. Instead of one main cola she made 6 thumb size buds and swelled up. It wasn't til late and temps dropped a lot that she turned full purple but my God did she.
    Very easy grow, recommends this strain for all. The smoke so far is fire.
    She isn't to picky but watch your N not enough and she tells u quickly but you gotta catch it. Not a huge yield but still errors made have me 3.47 zips of some solid little foxtail and buds.also she will foxtail but most gorillas ove ran outdoors wanted to do the same.
    Really can't wait to grow her again. Night time meds or wake and bake for work kinda girl IMG_20181211_020623_070.jpg IMG_20181211_020623_048.jpg IMG_20181211_020623_097.jpg IMG_20181214_095130_942.jpg IMG_20181211_020623_070.jpg

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  1. Jtsmoker
    Nice work
  2. barbarca
    wow man amazing can I test it out on my next run lol
  3. barbarca
    wow were can I get this strain
  4. Archaic
    Pretty colors!
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  5. Mizzo81
    Great job midIN
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  6. Mizzo81
    Man I gotta get me some of these SS gorilla crosses. And the gotilla og too.
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  7. Cap'nCrud
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  8. St. Tom
    great job pal
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  9. SecretAgentMan
    Smmmoking buds. I have a few seeds that I got as freebies with some Gorilla Shizzles. I just started two Shizzles yesterday in my 36"x36" tent. The Gorilla Purple Amnesia's will be my next run. Do you think I can run all four in my space? They will be in 3 gallon airpots with super soil coco. With 5 Cree CXB 3590s and 2 GrowMau5 pucks. I am tuned and ready to go. .
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    1. midIN
      Boy that be a tight one all 4 in there some get really big this one was 4 feet tall from top of soil.
      midIN, Dec 23, 2018
  10. Haze4dayz
    Looks like some delightful nugs my man! Enjoy
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    1. midIN
      Yeah they are thank very much, she presses well and puts me to sleep well
      midIN, Dec 22, 2018
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