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Rain Science Grow Bags

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Rain Science® grow bags eliminate many of the problems associated with container gardening. Grow bigger healthier plants with less hassle in a fraction of the time.

Air root pruning creates masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth
Minimized root circling allows for longer life in Rain Science Grow bag.
Rain Science® Grow bags material is Certified safe, nothing is exchanged with the soil and is approved for organic gardening.
  • Company Name:
    Rain Science Grow Bags
    Product/Service Website:
    Top Three Features:
    I'm terrible at numerical lists...
    1) They do what's advertized. No snake oil "miracle" product.
    2) Easy to clean.
    3) Easy to move.
    The problem and the promise?:
    The problem and promise? Isn't that an early 2000's emo song? Who made this form?
    I had no problem with the product at all.
    Purchased From?:
    Was sent as a tester product.
    Purchase Price:
    Limited Warranty

    Rain Science Growbags® branded retail products covered by this warranty are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product on retail goods and for 5 years on commercial goods.

    (That means "If it came to you messed up, Or got messed up in normal use, We'll fix the problem IF you're the original owner. )
    I enjoy using the 5 gallon bag that was sent to me to test. I used it next to regular 7 gallon felt bags in my tent, And honestly, the girl that grew in the Rain Science bag looked a lot better than the other girls she was next to. received_2200925793348128.jpeg
  • First Impressions:
    My first impression... I don't remember fully. I do know I was impressed with how well it was put together, And with how quickly it was shipped.
    Actual Benefits Provided:
    The girl grown in it "seemed happier", if that makes sense, In comparison to the girls in my 7 gallon pots.
    Who should use this product/service?:
    Anyone that's worried about aeration, And root development I guess.
    User Friendly?:
    Very much so.
    Who should NOT use this product/service?:
    Someone looking for a "miracle" product. This a grow pot that seems to keep roots in check.
    How long have you used this product/service?:
    One autoflower grow, roughly 9-10 weeks.
  • Positives/Benefits:
    As I said, The girl I grew in this product seemed happier.
    Couldn't use it as a rain pail?
    I haven't really encountered negatives, Other than when I watered too fast and water ran down the sides.
    Rate the Product Quality:
    • High Quality
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    It's a good product that does what's advertised.

User Comments

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  1. BCBudlady
    Thanks for this review. I am considering Rain Science vs. Honor Cannabis bags .
    Do you know the content of the bags? Are they vinyl?
      Dabber likes this.
    1. Dichoti
      Plastic, I do believe. You can always tag @Rain Science and ask, too.
      Dichoti, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:12 AM
      BCBudlady likes this.
    2. Dabber
      I have both I give the edge to Rain Science
      Dabber, Apr 19, 2019 at 7:54 PM
      Dichoti and BCBudlady like this.