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  • Company Name:
    Remo Brands Inc.
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    From a local hydrostore
    Purchase Price:
    100 euro
    Did a fine job in hydro and the results we're better than I hoped for. Excellent value for money and simple to use. Only minor issues to complain about; such as the tad too acidic solution it tends to make and need of 3rd party silica and enzyme products I found.

    Below you can see my price comparison between different competing nutrient manufacturers. I listed the values of each nutrients given on my average grow and calculated their annual costs to be run in two separate grow cabinets I grow in.

    remo.png Bud01.JPG




    One of the top colas grown with Remo (strain: Auto White Widow):

    AutoUltimate grow with Remo:

    Also I should share with you the results that I took from measuring how much each product will raise the EC value of the solution once added. I did this with plain water with EC of 0.11 (I have deducted the starting EC from the values below). Please note that these should be considered as inaccurate readings and taken as general guidelines on making estimates of nutrient strength. Measuring was done with Martini EC60 with measuring uncertainty of +/- 2%.

    I am sharing these if anyone wishes to calculate estimates of their solution strengths for tweaking / experimental purposes.

    EC raising factor per nutrient in one litre of solution per millilitre (1ml/1L)
    MICRO: 0.19
    GROW: 0.25
    BLOOM: 0.25
    VeloKelp: 0.07
    MagNifiCal: 0.18
    AstroFlower: 0.20
    Nature's Candy: 0.08
  • Positives/Benefits:
    + These bottles are designed really good! They fit in hand nice, the opening is small and easy to pour (does not spill and make a mess!!!) This might be a small issue for some but for me it is a matter of everyday convinience and it matters to me. My initial impression was further valitaded after I went back to doing a feed of Advanced Nutrients. Upon my first shake of the nutrient bottle, the cap leaked solution on my hand and I was like.... yeah... this stuff... I really appriciate a good design of a bottle when I behold one and this one does its job like it should.

    + I also loved the smell of the nutrients, they smell good and pleasant and almost made me want to drink them. I don't know if would actually be a negative thing about nutrients since you absolutely should not do that. Sweet and tasty smell makes you think that is some real good stuff that you are putting out for your plants. I usually trust my nose. Velokelp smells almost like Canna Boost, by the way. I know it is a secret what goes into it but I suspect there is something very similar in that bottle right there.

    + Manufacturer advice on the dosage actually is pretty close on the EC/PPM that I would like to feed to my garden in DWC. I actually did separate tests on each bottle on how they do raise EC and calculated the wanted dosage based on that. I ended up reducing only about 33% of the total amount of nutrients from the recommended standard by manufacturer. That is huge difference to many other nutrient companies from what I have usually had to decrease them to about 50%. Therefore, I am sure the manufacturer's own recommedation actually works for some growers and mediums. I can appriciate that kind of honesty.

    + pH settles close to the optimal. My experience was that the pH did usually settle a tad too acidic, so buffering that with silica was something I used to do to counter the acidity.

    + Relatively simple nutrients to use. Not too many bottles but they still have most of the stuff you would ever want to apply for your garden. Dosaging is made to be simple and fast. I find it very convinient.

    + Cost. My God, the cost is so low compared to what other brands I have to choose from and what they cost. I did do a spending calculations on different brands I've been using based on my growings and the data I pulled from them. Growing actively on two different grow cabinets annually, the cost of Remo Nutrients was only 276 euros for me. For comparison, Advanced Nutrients in same circumstances would be 486 euros. For further comparison, Canna Nutrients would take the annual price of nutrients to a whopping 816 euros. So in comparision, I would save minimum of 210 euros annually and still get same, or even better results than with Advanced Nutrients. Compared to Canna, I would save 540 euros. That is a huge amount of money.

    + Performance upon my initial test grow was absolutely great! Nutrients did deliver what they promised and compared to the competition they did hold up their own really well.
    - I did not like that the pH settles so acidic. With my local water source (tapwater, pH 7.2) the pH settled with full strenght feeds to 5,8 and sometimes even 5,7. This posed a problem with the vegetative feed as I always had to re-adjust the pH to be optimal for my garden. I experinced pretty much of fluctuating pH and had to learn the hard way to buffer the solution using 3rd party silica products.

    - I still needed to have 3rd party silica and enzyme product in addition

    - MagNifiCal has NPK ratio of 3-0-0. That makes the usage of that product questionable during mid- to late generative period.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Yeah. Right after my first grow I went back to get some more, built reserves of this stuff and I intent to grow with for a long time.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Absolutely. I think it is worth for anyone to give it a shot and see if he/she will find it preferable. I know I did.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Almost completely. Like I mentioned earlier, I still had to invest in to 3rd party silica and enzyme products to ensure good growing experience in my DWC setup.
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User Comments

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  1. tripaholic88
    amazing review man!
      MedGrower likes this.
    1. MedGrower
      MedGrower, Nov 27, 2017
  2. True_Mako
    I'm going to be adding Mammoth P to my line up with Remo during the flowering phase to help keep the pH stable and the phosphorus / micronutrients available. I highly recommend it. Looking great otherwise! Congrats!
      MedGrower likes this.
    1. MedGrower
      Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I cannot find this product available anywhere in the country I am in. Looks like a really good one to use in addition though.
      MedGrower, Nov 18, 2017
    2. seb56
      Have you ever tried Bone meal for Phosphorus
      seb56, Nov 21, 2017
  3. namvet25
    Huge colas and nice trychome coverage,great job.
      MedGrower likes this.
    1. MedGrower
      Thank you!
      MedGrower, Nov 16, 2017
  4. lunarman
    Wow, those are huge buds. Great review. Lots of detail. Screen shots of Excel tables is always a sign of a good review of nutes.

    I'm just starting to use Remo myself. I had bought a package deal of tents and lights and it included 4L bottles of all the grow nutes. Didn't want to use them at first so I did an organic super soil thing that was just OK. Now I'm starting to use Remo and I am liking what the products do for sure. Plants look great. Easy to use. I picked up 4 liter bottles of Bloom and Astro Flower also.

    @Waira was saying that some people thought the flowering nutes might have some sort of issue or something. Not sure what that means or if it matters. By the looks of your flowers, I don't see any issues!!!!

    I'm just going to go with the flow and use the products in ignorant bliss.

    Also wanted to mention that their customer service is fantastic. They really like it when you call them. Not many companies these days have any decent phone support.

    Question. What are you using for silica and and enzyme? And does it really make a noticeable difference?
      Mizzo81 and MedGrower like this.
    1. MedGrower
      I use Essentials Silicon + and Cannazym. I use them just because the way I grow. I consider enzymes and silicone essential for my needs but if you grow in soil I don't think you need to bother.
      MedGrower, Nov 15, 2017
      Mizzo81 and lunarman like this.