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Revolver Autoflower, cropking seeds.

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Crop King Seeds
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Very Potent, good trichome production, good yield.
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Sensitive to overfeeding, takes 2-4 weeks longer than advertised for larger plant to finish.
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  • Very potent, goes to the head quick. managed to over feed them fairly easily but they bounced back quickly. took a little longer than expected to finish flowering. Not an overpowering aroma, subtle earthy tones with fruity hints at various stages of flower. good smoke, will grow between 2.5 and 4 feet tall. 100 % germination rate. IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1865.JPG IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1873.JPG IMG_1878.JPG IMG_1865.JPG

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  1. Tycho
    I grew this a couple years and transplanted it a few times and stressed the fuck out of it because I didn't know what I was doing. It stunted of course and never got bigger than 12 inches.

    Aroma? How in the world can such a small plant (my stunted runt) stink sooooo much. It was in my veg garden and everytime we had city guest for a country BBQ they'd comment "There's a skunk real close." lol.

    Crop King Revolver wasn't supposed to be that strong. It didn't get me high. It stoned me the fuck out! Super potent!
  2. g_cannabis
    forgot to mention that i tied down (lst) some taller branches and pulled open the plant with orange twine as well to get a fairly even canopy. burns extremely clean, was flushed with 4-5 gallons ( runoff was equal ppm to what was going in ) and then flushed with 1 gallon h20 ph'd and with florakleen.
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  3. F.N.
    Excellent review on Crop King seeds Revolver. She looks frosty and big. You did a great job of growing it out.
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    1. g_cannabis
      Thanks man. Have a couple drying on lines now. Flushed the last one last night as well. Had it in a larger pot (6 or 7 gallon ) I think that's why it's later. Spent more time filling out the roots.
      g_cannabis, Oct 10, 2017
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