Rhino Ryder

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    5 stars on both phenos!

    Rhino 2&3 has rock hard dense buds that are the most triched out ive grown to date and thats saying alot if you seen my other grows!
    Rhino 2&3 Bud Shot

    20161010_102238.jpg 20161010_102158.jpg 20161010_102144.jpg
    Rhino 1 Bud Shot
    Big Bulky Golf Ball Buds with a nice amount of frosting
    FSCN4220.JPG FSCN4216.JPG
    Rhino Ryder Sugar Wax BHO
    THE GROWTH:****

    Average sized auto on Rhino 2 the all natural girl, Id say about 29"
    with nice branching and node spacing. Besides my own mess up with the lockout on Rhino 2 these girls grew without a hitch and are def. recommended to beginners looking for Very Potent and Tasty Buds!

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  1. rottenhawg
    I have one Rhino Ryder in my grow box right now that is about three weeks old . . . I am hoping that mine does as well as your did . . . Great job!!!
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    1. tripaholic88
      Thank you they are a great stran to grow! I'M sure you will do fine!
      tripaholic88, Jun 1, 2017
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    2. rottenhawg
      Just started flowering last week and smells heavenly . . . This is my first indoor grow and my first autoflower after years of outdoor. We moved and the new place is not conducive to outdoor grows . . . I am popping some seeds this week of Wild Thailand Ryder and VIP . . . I am just going to keep trying autoflower varieties until I find the two or three that I really love.
      rottenhawg, Jun 19, 2017
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  2. Tin Wiskers
    That up-close pic of the trichs is amazing! I have 2 of these Rhino's starting now for an outdoor grow...I hope they're that dang sticky!
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    1. tripaholic88
      im sure they wont disappoint Tin!
      tripaholic88, May 8, 2017
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  3. trailanimal
    very nice trip! I grew one this season, did great in the greenhouse grown in soil, very dense buds! easy to grow
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    1. tripaholic88
      thanks trail! yea this is some knock out smoke right here and it will be in my garden again!
      tripaholic88, Nov 18, 2016
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