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  • Company Name:
    Mephisto genetics
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Mephisto Genetics
    Purchase Price:
    Within U.S Shipping - Tracked (4 days (from being shipped)) €10.00 Within U.S Shipping - Tracked + Sign for (4 days (from being shipped)) €13.00
    Ripley's OG = Alien OG X Ruderalis - A Tall, High Yielding, High Quality, Strong Autoflower Strain that is ideal for indoors and ready in 75-85 days; Depending on preferences.
    ROG 5 (1).jpg ROG 6.jpg ROG 10 (3).jpg ROG 12 (2).jpg ROG 13.jpg ROG 14.jpg ROG 15 (2).jpg ROG 16 (2).jpg ROG 18.jpg ROG 22.jpg ROG 23.jpg ROG 19.jpg ROG 23.jpg ROG 25.jpg ROG 26.jpg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Micron Creek
    "Top Notch"
    A solid contender whose morphology and resin can certainly be seen in the Ripley OG outcrosses.
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User Comments

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  1. markascannabis
    I chose Ripley's as one of my first two plants for my first grow. Here she is two days ago. She is a very dense plant. Very aggressive LST from a very early age. I'll let this variety stretch a few nodes before bending over next time. Or, I tried to do so at least. I started two more Ripley's. one got a late start and seemed kind of a runt, so I just potted them together. The other I let go 4 nodes and then accidentally topped it while trying to bend it over. None the worse for wear, this variety responds very well to topping obviously.
      Tetra9 likes this.
    1. Tetra9
      Ohhhh your in for a treat! She's a beauty! Bravo, looking awesome.
      Tetra9, Apr 1, 2019
  2. Arsenal
    Well done!
      markascannabis and Tetra9 like this.
  3. 509Blazer
    Wow....very very impressive cosmetics....
      markascannabis and Tetra9 like this.
    1. Tetra9
      Genetics ? No make up here buddy...lol. Auto-correct strikes again !
      Tetra9, May 14, 2017
  4. Jimi Large
    Nice job!
      markascannabis and Tetra9 like this.
  5. Sunbringer
    Just sweet man, they are looking amazing. Maybe you could update your skill photography just with black background ;) I have in mind last 2 photos you photographed. Dont take this as bad thing .. You have stunning photos over there
      markascannabis, Tetra9 and Rhubarb Pi like this.
    1. Tetra9
      Thank you very much, I am happy to accept your compliment and suggestion !
      Tetra9, May 6, 2017
      Sunbringer likes this.
  6. NugNoob
    This is awesome man, nice review. I am excited as I got 3x freebies from Seedsman of these beans.

    Thanks for sharing!
      markascannabis and Tetra9 like this.
  7. Rhubarb Pi
    My lord man, the uniformity of DWC!!!!
    Awesome grow man - thanks for sharing!! :smoking::bump:
      Tetra9 likes this.
    1. Tetra9
      Thanks a lot ! That's very kind of you. I love your user name and Avatar, very cool !
      Tetra9, May 4, 2017
      Rhubarb Pi likes this.