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Root Has An Air Vape X

  • I'd like to Welcome Air Vape USA to AFN, and Thank them for sending me an Ocean Blue, Air Vape X to test and review.
    IMG_5241 (2).JPG
    Items included with the Air Vape X:
    • A hard shell case for traveling
    • concentrates pad insert
    • replacement filter screen
    • replacement metal airflow box top
    • replacement rubber
    • USB charger
    • cleaning tool, packing tool and tweesers
    • user manual
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The Air Vape X was ready to use right out of the box. It had about half the battery, but I charged it first anyway.
    The charging chord was surprising long, this way you can use the Air Vape X while charging, as long as the battery isn't completely drained.
    The user manual is an easy to read and understand guide to smoking dry herb with the Air Vape X
    IMG_5242 (2).JPG
    I couldn't wait to try some dry buds in it since my neighbor had come over the night before I got mine, and we got a preview using the Air Vape X with concentrates. (more on that later.)

    We had some Blueberry Headband...
    The magnetic top jumps right in place.
    When you turn it on it gets up to temp quickly, letting you know it is ready with a vibration alert.
    The Air Vape temperature can be easily changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius. We used 375 F .

    I was surprised at the smooth flow of the draw and slight vapor exhale. We got the full flavor of the Blueberry Headband throughout the 3 minute session.
    ......:smokeout: My actual words were "That was nice " :smokeout:
    Eek and our friend had similar positive remarks.

    As we passed the Air Vape X around, we noticed the unit getting warm. After 2, three minute sessions the tip was 124 F.
    The night before, with our neighbor's Air Vape X using wax, I noticed the unit was warm too. Though I don't remember what temperature we used.
    I really enjoyed the flavor, and it produced a nice vapor exhale.
    :greenthumb:My over all first impression of the Air Vape X is positive.
    Based on the preview night with concentrates and our dry bud sessions.

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