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    Royal Queen Seeds
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    I popped two seeds and got two completely different phenos. One tall and branchy. One short and bushy. The short and bushy pheno that took longer to finish than the bigger one. The taller pheno ran her normal course. I think she went 11 weeks or so. Definitely sativa dom. She got over 2.5 feet and yielded almost 55g dry. She required higher feeding during flower and was not stinky plant. The smamler one went about 85 days and came in at about 32g dry. Their smells came on after dry/cure. The effect was a traditional haze stone.. Both head and body. The taller pheno was more of the head stash. I will run this strain again soon. I have some photo period fems of this strain that I may give a go next!
    20180121_112253.jpg 20180131_161306.jpg 20180131_161344.jpg
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Fast flowering haze with a nice calming effect. Smells of nutmeg, tastes more like forrest rain..
    None to note. This pheno was a heavy feeder. I caught that late.
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    Yes, already did!
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    More than satisfied

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  1. Flash
    Yea i grew this as well! Had a good cotrus lemon smell! Blew me away! I thought that strain was going to be ok but boy was i blown away!
  2. imlovennuggets
    Grew this my previous grow. Would say your description is accurate. Mine was short and busy 30 grams dry. After 3 weeks in cure started to gain a nice stink again as you indicated. Great review!
      Prophetiko likes this.
    1. Prophetiko
      Thanks bro! It was my first run with RQS and I came away impressed!
      Prophetiko, Apr 4, 2018
      imlovennuggets likes this.
    2. imlovennuggets
      Same here my man. Happy growing!
      imlovennuggets, Apr 4, 2018