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Santa Marta Haze

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Recent User Reviews

  1. F.N.
    "Amazing Haze Period"
    I have been smoking this for the last two days I cannot put it down I love the high the taste. I am use to indica and indica hybrids this is like Candy. I feel like Charlie from willy wonka and the chocolate factory bloody amazing stuff. I have a rough time down loading pictures Iam very sorry. I have a journal with lots of pictures. They need to be certain size well my plant is to big to meet the criteria. https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/santa-marta-haze.68210/page-2#post-1951961 IMG_0233.JPG
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User Comments

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  1. Weed Warrior
    awesome job man!! Cant wait to get some and grow it out!!
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  2. F.N.
    Really good but this is hard downloading pictures I keep getting error occurred tab 1 has to many of this or that so no downloading pictures Wich is so dam frustrating. I cropped no work I try and try to get a picture but no go.
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    1. F.N.
      I hope you enjoy this review and trust me I tried for hour to get a picture in the reviews
      F.N., Dec 5, 2018