1. The 2019 Biggest Grow Battle in the World is currently under way! Round one has started, don't miss the fun.
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  2. Another round is coming. I am happy to announce I will be releasing more through OES! Stay tuned for availability.
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  3. Hey everyone, we'd like to welcome the UK-based vendor Invisible Sun LED to the Autoflower Network!

    Invisible Sun offers efficient lighting solutions to growers and we'll be doing a fully documented grow-and-show with some of their kit with a grower from our test team! Let's give them a big AFN hello and check them out here!
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  4. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that we have another USA based seed bank listed in the commercial section. Stop in and say hello!!
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    C1 -- Sheffield, England
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    Super smooth cool smoke that lets you hit it hard without feeling like you get a hard hit! The titanium core and patented air flow system really works. Due to the cooler smoke, the flavor is excellent! Almost like a vape for the first few hits...
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    100% satisfied
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