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    $0.00, yet again a test
    My first impression was great another gorilla strain to add to my collection cabinet. As flower set in she really started to crown hard and throw big hairs that were held up by solid golfballs from day 1. Very very easy to grow, isn't picky on nutrition just keeps praying.
    She starts slow kinda but then takes off and gets firm so if ur going to train do it sooner than later. I did little lst and still came up with almost 4 zips of some fruity dank and colorful golf ball to tennis ball size nugs covered in a heavy frosting. Her hues and tones really shine thru as she wraps up her time with you. I would recommend this strain for all as I'm excited to drop more actually. She will give gold glue a run for her money I think in the right or lucky hands. MidIN.png

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  1. Archaic
    Great looking plant, I have also had good luck with the newer SS seeds.
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  2. Mizzo81
    i wanna to try all the gorilla strains from SS. Heard good things on all good producers too
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  3. Mizzo81
    Also nice review and beautiful girl. Rivals gold glue hmmm might have to pick this up.
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    1. midIN
      Yes it does a lot imo
      midIN, Jan 1, 2019
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  4. Mizzo81
    Hey @midIN is this the gorilla shizzle or the Other shizzle shiznizzy lol snoop dog in the house. Strain
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    1. midIN
      It's short stuff shizzle gorilla I do believe
      midIN, Jan 1, 2019
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