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    Did it autoflower?: Y

    Coco with hand watering


    Started on Remo and switched to the GH line, this plant was happier with less nitrogen and Remo has limits when used with low nitrogen requiring plants.

    Light (kind and schedule):

    Lumigrow Pro 325, 300 wall whatts, 24 hour schedule for environmental stability

    From seed to harvest date:

    About 90ish days, I typically don't bother with counting days as they very tremendously by environmental conditions.

    Dry Yield:

    2 plants yielded north of 22 ounces, I don't really weigh much any more.

    High/Effect Duration:

    Heavy body relaxation with a good dose of cerebral befuddlement. I had two phenos: one with tight dense buds very easy to trim and one with large prolific growing buds. Both smoked the same as far as the flowers go, but scissor hash off the bulky pheno nearly knocked my ass out from one hit, so the larger plant has been set aside for extractions. First up will be dry ice hash, since my ice maker is currently broken.. watch this thread in mid April for the concentrate report

    RATE SCALE: 8 out of 10, maybe higher when I grow to amber

    BAG APPEAL: 8 out of 10, with my loose trim 10 of 10 trimmed tight

    THE GROWTH: One pheno took off from the start and never slowed down, if i see it again i will top multiple times and do a scrog. That pheno was the big yielder set aside for extracts. The other pheno grew a very effortless bush that had nice tight buds

    THE SMELL: I'm sorry, never been much on smells

    Even after a long cure this strain smoked a bit harsh, I suspect because of the high thc.

    In-depth: I've been smoking the SS GOG taken to amber as my sleep med, I am going to grow this one to amber next time for my future sleep med. I have a very high tolerance and besed on affect and my experience I'd say this is a 20+% thc strain

    Smaller bushier plant, with their nice tight buds. Those buds in the bowl are all of the popcorn. All the other buds are nice and large and tight. Just the way I like them


    A little comparison of the bud structures of the two phenotypes.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  1. SecretAgentMan
    Mmm good Mmm good. That gorilla Shizzle looks Mmm good. Popped two yesterday in 5 gallon bags of coco super soil. Here it is 2 AM and I sure can use some fresh PM meds. Do you think two will fill my 36x36 tent? With four hundred watts of top shelf Cree Cobs and Samsung pucks? This is my third auto and indoor grow.