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Sin Trabajo

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    Barneys Farms
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    From their website:

    "Sin Tra Bajo Auto is the future of effortless cultivation. This has been created by breeding our pure Indica Afghan Mazari with our advanced Lowryder #1. It is a short and stocky Indica dominant plant, only growing to 55-65cm. This strain turns from vegetation to flowering in 4 weeks, and then takes a further 4 weeks to finish. The final product is a series of heavy colas with a beautifully seductive toffee aroma."
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Barneys advertise this strain as easy to grow 8 week strain. It was easy to grow, but it took 12 weeks. It was not sensitive to nutes and there were no grow issues. I had a terrible wave of hot weather that made cooling these girls really tough for a while at the start and then at the end it got VERY cold, they handled it with ease. Its a very Indica dominant auto (essentially a Barneys version of an Auto-Mazar). The buds were small, tight, and decently frosty. The smoke was a classic indica stone. Made good hash as well.
    Not a great yield in my grow environment - maybe 20g per plant of good bud and 10g of usable trim. The trim was fairly laborious. Its kind of a couch lock smoke, which is fine for what I used it for but don't expect to get a lot done. Not super potent, more of a 1980's level indica feel I suspect is in the 10% range. Only 2/4 seeds popped BUT I was trying rapid rooters for the first time and I blame them, not the seeds. Also, they advertise these as only taking 4 weeks to flower, mine took closer to 8 weeks ( a total of 12 from start to finish). They had a skunky smell but not terribly stinky.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Probably not, but only because there are just SO many varieties I want to try. It was a decent product from a respected seed bank that met my expectations.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Probably, as long as you understand that its not meant to be white glazed fire. I've also decided that all seedbanks just under estimate flowering time.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Yes, I have a tiny indoor space and this was a tiny indoor plant. It was exactly the sleepy time medicinal smoke I expected it to be. They took a little longer than I was planning, but they were tough.
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  1. TehSnow
    Interesting, I had very positive results and the buds were pretty bulky!
    1. Archaic
      Keep in mind that I deliberately kept them small for a cabinet grow. In a big tent with lots of soil and room to grow they would have been bigger. I was not displeased with them, they are just not a premium autoflower IMHO.
      Archaic, Apr 21, 2018
  2. midIN
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  3. midIN
    Hey man check out my journal of San tri bajo in the new section I have a pretty nice one so far in week 7.
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