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    Heavyweight Seeds
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    I received these seeds as part of a cannazone grow battle/test. I was very excited to get the seeds direct in their original breeders pack. Unfortunately, my excitement turned to frustration as seed after seed failed to germinate. I won't bother illustrating the methods I used here they are in the thread. Suffice to say, I typically get 100% germ rate on new stock. I do have some seeds sitting in a mug on my desk that germ at a 70% rate after 5 years. Anyway, one out of eight seeds is unacceptable and can not recommend them.

    On a positive note, I find the strain to be very good for neuropathy.
    It has good bag appeal.
    It tastes and smells great
    and Yields big, I estimate about 14 ounces for the one plant I grew

    I grow drain to waste, in coco, on auto water 4Xs in a 24 hour period.
    I employ the GH line with Terpinator at the end.
    For this grow, I used powdered and liquid koolbloom at the same time at full strength.
    I experienced no odd deficiencies or significant nute burn.

    skunky monkey.jpg sm buds.jpg

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  1. Archaic
    I feel bad that I gave my dad a pack of Heavyweight seeds based on what I have seen here. A shame, their DNA looks solid - poor germ is usually due to sloppy handling and QA/QC
  2. Boradan
    I was watching your grow and the GOTY battle and feel your pain.
    Luckily for me, I was able to get 2 out of 3 of my Fruit Punch to germ.
    I won't go near heavyweight again after seeing everyone's issues which is such a pity.
    I am smoking the fruit punch right now and love it. Just a pity I will not be buying the seeds again.
  3. Flash
    Beautiful strain! But i experienced this issue with my fruit punch! I was very dissapointed. But i got one that poped so ill see how it turns out! Great post buddy
  4. lunarman
    If a vendor = no reply/discussion
    Go Find Better Breeder

    Horrible service and germ rate. Thanks for the heads up.