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    Can't recall.
    One of the first Mephisto strains that I grew was a Sky Stomper. She absolutely blew my doors off . There is something about those OG notes that really tickled my fancy. I decided to grow both parents strains. I love the sour Stomper don't get me wrong, but there's something about the Skywalker that just does it for me. I believe I got about 120 grams off of her. PSX_20180405_002048.jpg PSX_20180405_003203.jpg PSX_20180506_030751.jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. Frank Nitty
    "The Force is strong in this one!!!"
    This just helped me make a decision... Now I'm all in!!!
  2. Rebel
    "That looks insane!!!"
    This right here makes me want to grow this yesterday! Nice job!!!

User Comments

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  1. Tyler_Durden88
    Got two coming into flower now along with double grape,Bluetooth,forum stomper, and AVT. It's not a very big strain has to do as much lst as I could to get her full and bushy but their coming into their own now very pungent smell even in veg.
      Frank Nitty likes this.
  2. Cap'nCrud
    Nice! I just smoked the last of my Skywalker, . The skywalker will kick your butt. Mine was a real "head" kinda high.
      Frank Nitty, Yourztrulee and Sleazyb like this.
  3. Tyler_Durden88
    Thats first on my list of the next strains im gonna grow. Nice to see a honest review. Any tips on growing it Nutes and whatnot?
      Frank Nitty and Frosty Budz like this.
    1. Yourztrulee
      I used up the last of my AN nutes, on a Tang schedule. She was a fairly easy girl to grow.
      Yourztrulee, May 10, 2018
    2. Cap'nCrud
      I grew mine in organic super soil of my own making, in 10 gallon cloth pots under 1000 hps in 4X8 tent. You almost can't give them too much nitrogen. Keep hitting them with it all the way through flower stretch, backing off towards the end of course. I used mainly dried hogs blood, and I also used Fox Farms organic liquid trio plus I used the FF ching ching, or something like that, it is granular
      Cap'nCrud, Jun 10, 2018
  4. Ron Burgundy
    Mouth watering pics there Bro! Beautiful colours. There's enough crystal on those buds to power 1000 lightsabers. Good job my man!
  5. F.N.
    That is one gorgeous plant and a excellent showcase my man.
      Frank Nitty and Yourztrulee like this.
  6. Frosty Budz
    I just planted two of the exact same seeds on 4/24. Doing a full organic water only outdoor grow. If I can get even a semblance of what you got I’d be thrilled! Nice work bro!!
      Frank Nitty and Yourztrulee like this.
  7. lunarman
    i grew 2 of these. One died. The other was ok but not great. I'm still learning. And thankfully I have a few more beans of Skywalker left so hopefully I can get something along the lines of yours. Beauty plant man! She looks like she is quality.
      Yourztrulee and Frosty Budz like this.
  8. St. Tom
    Beauty of a plant pal
      Yourztrulee and Frosty Budz like this.
  9. codz
    @Yourztrulee , oh brother, what a beautiful plant !!!
    With excellent pictures, if you dont mind me asking, what camera did you use ?
    Anyway awesome plant !!!
      Yourztrulee likes this.
    1. Yourztrulee
      It's my Samsung S7
      Yourztrulee, May 6, 2018
  10. krug
    Nice review and pics!:thumbsup:
    ...is she a stinker/moderate or (I doubt it though!) discreet? :pass:
      Yourztrulee likes this.
    1. Yourztrulee
      I'd recommend filtration for sure.
      Yourztrulee, May 6, 2018
      krug likes this.