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Sour liver and MBAP

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    mephisto website
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    120.00 Candian
    Here is some pictures of the plants IMG_6267.JPG IMG_6264.JPG IMG_6246.JPG IMG_6252.JPG

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  1. Ydijadoit
    Gawd. Those colas.... Congrats, another outstanding Mephisto grow. I have a double grape growing right now, reviews and plants like these are truly inspirational to see! Thanks for taking the time to write the review. I have a couple Sour Livers seeds in the closet, waiting their turn.
    Regards, Kyle
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  2. Farmer Dee
    Good looking buds you got there! Looking like mini grenades growing. I hope the cure brought out the best smells and flavors for you and yours!
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  3. mephisto
    Thanks mate! Very well done, enjoy the fruits!
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  4. AutoRick
    Looks great man. I can vouche for the Sour Livers. I just harvest a pretty legit pheno myself. Did some LST and pulled 3 3/4 OZs. I was surprised.happy growing man!!!
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  5. tripaholic88
    Great review brotha!:slap:
    Your report on the sour livers gets me excited for my sour alien livers:woohoo1:
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  6. blue
    I wanna eat that straight from the branch!!!

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  7. Chris Stroupe
    That looks pretty beefy . Sweet plant man.
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  8. epenguin
    Well done !
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  9. Mr.CHeeZe
    Beautiful work with that gear!!!!
    May I ask what is your lighting setup???
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  10. gringuito98
    Great work!
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