Sour Orange Livers

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$35.67 for a 5 pack.
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Grow my own medicine.
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I have grown several Mephisto strains, and this one is right at the tops.
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The only negatives that I could possibly think of is that it's a stinker, she's very loud.
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For me this is a good day time Med, unless of course I overindulge which can be very easy to do.
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The product speaks for itself. She is a favorite amongst my family.
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Keep up the good work!
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  1. johnp540
    Beautiful bud there in boss. How big she get? What size of container? I've got a few is why I asked.
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    1. Yourztrulee
      I grew two of them and both of them got fairly large. They grew in a 5-gallon fabric pot. I have a picture of the plant under the Mephisto smoke reports.
      Yourztrulee, Mar 13, 2018
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