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  • With a massive thanks to Spectrum King for this testing opportunity lets see what we will be working with..
    MLH100_Mothers-lil-Helper_LED-GROW.png 100W-LED-Grow-light_specs.png Mothers-lil-Helper_driverless-badges2.png

    Packaging was plain and sufficiently durable..
    20160808_151148.jpg 20160808_151342.jpg 20160808_151353.jpg 20160808_160643.jpg 20160808_160805.jpg 20160808_160822.jpg 20160808_160851.jpg 20160808_160859.jpg 20160808_160947.jpg
    Solid light , sturdy bracket and hangers. Plug and play..
    20160809_110204.jpg 20160813_190805.jpg 20160813_190812.jpg

    At only 100w the brightness seems to exceed my 250w hps..
    Temperatures are averaging 24 C with the adjacent 250w hps tent averaging 35 C which bodes well for the test.
    Just awaiting a seed delivery and we will be underway.
    Stay tuned...:pass:

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