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Sucker Punch Aka Bubba Kush

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Sucker punch AKA BUBBA kush
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    Freebie with order
    I got this strain as a freebie with my last order and poped her in a 5 gallon pot and let her go. Didn't pay her to much attention bc I was more focused on my beans I paid for. She grew easy fast and strong. Had a little calmag issue at the end which held her from reaching her potential. But after just 3 weeks of curing I gave her a taste and OMG I was dumbfounded by how potent she was. Sucker punch lives up to her name and should be called Comatosed bc I couldn't get off the couch until a hour later and the high lasted a long time. Strongest auto I've grown and I've been around the block. This strain checks all the boxes fast growing high yielding super potent great tasting and was easy to grow. I've been waiting to hit the 5 star button and never thought it would be on a strain I got for free. 3oz dry weight and could easily have got 5+ with more intense training and maintenance.

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  1. Archaic
    I love bubba Kush, I've always thought BK was how Kush should be done. I'm glad you liked it, I might have to add it to my long list of someday strains.
  2. MissUniverse
    Thanks for the info! I know I've asked this elsewhere and it's been responded to. But what light type and how many days light schedule etc?
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Roleadro 400w COB second gen. 18/6 light scedual.
      Tyler_Durden88, Dec 13, 2018
      MissUniverse likes this.
    2. Tyler_Durden88
      I have pics I'll post later
      Tyler_Durden88, Dec 13, 2018
      MissUniverse likes this.