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Sun State Hemp 30mg Cbd Gummies (blue Raspberry)

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    Sun State Hemp
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    Hey guys so today I'd thought I'd give people a reasonably priced and exceptionally good quality CBD product review so that people know there's other options to dropping foul tasting crappy health food shop tinctures which have minimal content.

    Sunstate Hemp is a well known brand in the Western world and I'm sure many of you have heard of it before but with low quality products flooding the market its easy to lose sight of some reliable brands.

    These gummies are my favourite, they taste great and contain 30mg and only costs 9.99 for 6pcs but is even cheaper to buy in bulk from different suppliers. The quality and relief I get from them is consistent and is especially good to suppliment with a daily edibles dose, turning any high a little more to the body, targeting pain and anxiety.

    However if you suffer from depression, particularly motivation or issues with fatigue then I would avoid taking this product as 30mg is liable to bring anyone down.
    With everyone I suggest looking at Sunstates tinctures to find your personal beneficial dose as its easier to control before moving on to a stronged product like this.

    I put this under strain reviews as there's no CBD product review section here. Maybe we could create one what with the market booming currently?

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User Comments

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  1. NiceOption
    Nice one @Medimadness and it's yes from me for a CBD product review, there's so much misinformation and snake oil sellers out there, it would be great to have some reliable feedback from the AFN.

    Personally I've always just used the oil but it's not as convenient when on the go or at work. Elixinol has been my go to brand, they do a pretty decent mint flavour that tastes like mint choc chip ice cream and doesn't have any untoward odours. Some of the unflavoured brands can leave you breath smelling a little weedy... Not great in a meeting.
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      That's exactly why I switched to the gummies because of the smell, but what's worse is that it's mainly the larger well known health food shop that sells the most snake oil (if you live in the UK you know which one lol they charge about 50 quid for smoke vit C)

      I found the full spectrum oils quite pungent but the CBD isolate usually just taste and smells like musty socks to me ha!
      Medimadness, Oct 31, 2018
      NiceOption likes this.
  2. Son of Hobbes
    Awesome review and YES to creating a section for this; in fact we've been in pretty active talks about trying to expand our legal section on the site! Maybe we can get a brainstorm thread together!
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      I'm very new here but also off from work due to health reasons and getting very much into growing and getting involved with the community to keep myself sane haha
      We'll have to get something together at the rate cannabis law is changing so rapidly in so many countries!
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
      Son of Hobbes likes this.
  3. MissUniverse
    Great review thanks
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      Of course, here to help :)
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
      MissUniverse likes this.
  4. BetaGrower
    I like those CBD patches they sell i wrap them around my wrist all the time it always last a couple of hrs or two
      Medimadness and St. Tom like this.
    1. Medimadness
      Yeah me too they're great for controlled daytime dosing
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
  5. St. Tom
    this is something i could get my wife to try she has bad arthritis would this help would you say pal and thanks for posting
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      Well my grandmother has pretty bad osteoarthritis from factory working and it seems to help her for bedtime, check out their site and maybe try a combination of ingested and topical application. They have some great lotions or as @BetaGrower mentioned they also do pretty good patches for controlled relief :)
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018