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  • Positives/Benefits:
    1-The “Cool” factor during a sesh or party is definitely a positive.
    2- The Pipe holding/ water catch tray is effective. It can hold enough water to finish the bowl. Just empty the tray into the sink, outside, or anywhere.
    3. Thought it would melt very fast due to lighting the bowl multiple times with multiple bowl packs. The ice is so thick that it takes a while to melt.
    4. Titanium screens came with the Frost Pipe are really good and last longer than most screens I have used.
    1- Very deceptive Pipe. You would think it hits smooth (which it is), but man, if you take a deep drag you will be coughing for a while. A little learning curve, but once figured out, so much fun.
    2. I did not use the titanium screens in the Frost Pipe. Was worried about getting the smoke wet, so I used my extra bowl attachment (which works perfectly, think it’s a 14mm piece). Used one of the screens in my glass bowl, lasted awhile.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Oh yes
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Highly recommended!
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Oh YES, the Frost Pipe will satisfy ones needs. Don’t have a bowl, freeze one and bam, ice bowl. Need something to smoke out of during a group sesh or party....BAM, whip out the Frost Pipe! And the fun will begin.

User Comments

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  1. VitaMan
    Is it still Bogarting if your lips are stuck to the pipe?
      Mizzo81 and Wawashell like this.
  2. johnp540
    I've always wondered how these things are. Nice to know about the bowl size being a perfect fit. Wonder if they did that on purpose so? Either way good thinking.
    Nice write up.
      Wawashell likes this.
  3. Mizzo81
    That thing looks pretty cool.
      johnp540 and Wawashell like this.
    1. johnp540
      No pun intended, right lol
      johnp540, Dec 16, 2017
      Ah toe and Mizzo81 like this.