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Veanic Mini Digital Hygrometer

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Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Electronic Temperature Humidity Meters Gauge Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer LCD Display for Humidors Car Greenhouse Indicator Room - Celsius ℃ Display https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DHRRZHF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_W9SOCbG0N4X6N
Thought I'd help out anyone looking for cheap hygrometers that work. I throw one in a 1 liter jar for curing. Tested multiple brands, and this one seems to have the smallest margin of error. Not perfect, but good enough within a % or two either way. Got my stash near 62%, then throw in boveda pack to hold them steady long term.
  1. Autotron
    "Off by 10%"
    These consistently were off by 7-10% when compared to high quality hygrometers. Total garbage and useless.
  2. DB86
    "Cheap mini hygrometers that work!"
    Hi all, ive been searching for cheap hygrometers that fit in my 1l mason jars for curing. These seem to do the trick, and have a better accuracy than the other China brands available atm. Hope this helps!
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