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White Crack

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  • Company Name:
    Mephisto Genetics
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Mitch and #team mephisto
    Purchase Price:
    €67.80 for 3 packs of White Crack & Double Grape + freebies
    White Crack was pretty easy to grow and it yielded very well, (203 grams). She smells of lemony citrus and skunk and that smell has continued through cure. She was a very sticky girl with lots of frost on sugar and secondary leaves! She did require increase feed during flower and I believe she would have yielded more if I hadn't been so tentative at first with her feed. She ended up going 99 days, but that's because I like a good couch lock buzz and that's exactly what I got! Here's a few pics!




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Recent User Reviews

  1. Yetisuncle
  2. MrOldBoy
    "Phenomenal Plant"
    Very nice work!

User Comments

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  1. Gisso
    Looks damn good brother!
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  2. Wian
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  3. Pistil Kid
    I am smoking some atm that has been cured in jars for 6 weeks it is pretty heavy smoke something to save for the evenings imo. I smoke a lot and it still hits me pretty hard.
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  4. bhaskara_phoenix
    Awesome growing! Looks tastey! :smoking:
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  5. Boveda
    Wow. That's some crystal! Well done.
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    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Its curing in jars with your 60 gram humidipacks right now. I love them things.
      Tyler_Durden88, Feb 20, 2019
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  6. Auto melt
    Look fire
      Need4Weed likes this.
  7. 7.62
    Looks mighty tasty!
      Need4Weed likes this.
  8. Alchemy
    I just gotta say, damn I hate that strain name it makes no sense at all, lol. Green crack is one thing bc theres no such thing as green crack. Lol
    Who tf named that lol change that name immediately breeder.
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  9. Tyler_Durden88
    I got 2 growing right now one al.ost done and one early flower. I got two very diffrent phenos.
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  10. Dabber
    Awesome job :drool:
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