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    This plant was a pleasure to grow. No special needs as far as nutrients go. I used the GreenLeaf nutrient line.

    I pressed an ounce of the Blueberry flower; it yielded at 4.2 grams of rosin The blueberry is the blondest I have pressed but it needed to be worked on the frozen pans as it was too sticky otherwise. I make rosin infused chocolate meds for my personal consumption. The flavor is fruity-berry-citrusy. It makes you want to consume too much.

    I do not smoke. This is a quote from a super taster friend of mine who does. Great smelling, Nice dense feel, Lots of orange hairs and crystals, color was dark and pretty, Flavor is so good and clean, the high lasted 2 hours"

    He was obviously baked when he texted that to me. I take what I can get.


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