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advanced nutrients

  1. And we are off

    And we are off

    Covering days 1-6 here starting my micro cabinet autoflower grow. Will be utilizing Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Line with HydroGuard and Terpinator. Should be fun as I've never grown hydro before. Just using a basic one reservoir dwc setup. Running Twisted Tree's Alien Moonrocks. As I have...
  2. OttoCBD

    CBD White Widow Haze in a 1-Gallon, Hand-Watered Ebb & Flow

    I'm currently using the cabinet (as seen here and in my signature) ..for a single Healing Path CBD White Widow Haze grown in a one gallon-ish, ($ store waste basket) ..hand-watered ebb and flow system that's very similar to the systyem that I had used with the White Widow that I recently...
  3. A

    UK cab grow led

    Hi everyone. Just joined. I have been growing on and off indoor and outdoor in the UK for a few years and currently have 2 zkittles auto by fast buds indoors and I'm in the middle of moving some more autos outside which I will make another journal for. I made my grow cab 2 years ago and...
  4. OttoCBD

    Completed CBD Crack in Drip/RDWC

    Since the inspiration and motivation for this grow (my first indoor in over 20 years) came from the simplicity of TaNg's now legendary schedule, I thought it would only be right to share the grow here. Those of you familiar with TaNg's schedule know that I'll be using AN nutes. I've tweaked the...
  5. IceWater421

    Seed Stockers Run Through The Jungle

    Hey AFN I’m going to be running a journal for seed stockers doing updates weekly. I will be growing there Amensia Haze , Purple Punch , Sticky Fingers (Autoflowers) & PhotoPeriod Purple Punch. I will be growing with cmh & cobshop cobs,in hempy buckets using Coco .
  6. thedailydose

    Indoor Grow 3rd grow: mephisto & rocbudinc - rainscience vs fabric pot.

    SET UP: tent: 48x24x60 vivosun grow tent lights: autocobs 3500k (x4)(no reflectors) by @BigSm0 https://www.autoflower.net/forums/forums/cobshop/ light schedule: 18/6 intake: passive exhaust: vivosun 4" fan & filter combo 203 cfm soil: promix hp nutrients: AN sensi bloom A & B AN...
  7. NixonIsNow

    Bagseed? Advanced Nutrients

    Hi Y'all its been a few years. lol I've got a few minor grows in after that but this time I had to try out advanced nutrients PH perfect's line up. This is also my first DWC experience. I got random seeds from supposedly amsterdam so I have no idea but it's a mix...exciting? I'm also curious...
  8. Bgddsq

    Feeding schedule opinions

    Hello AFN . I would like to hear some opinions regarding this feeding schedule ( ratios , products ). I want to say that this schedule isn't tested yet and i would like to hear from you what do you think ? Will it be effective ? Or is it useless? This schedule is based on Advanced Nutrients...
  9. O

    Lecheate/worm tea vs AN ph perfect

    Hi everyone, I am about to start a worm farm, as well as my next micro grow. I have grown in coco with great success but since I am very busy these days, I would like to keep it KISS, meaning no losing lots of time attending to the grow. For this reason, I became interested in Tangs easy feed...
  10. TehSnow

    Teh Snow vs. Bubba Trouble

    We've got some serious trouble going on, Houston! I won these seeds back in 2017 christmas contest supported by @Magic and got 10x Bubba Trouble and 10x VooDoo. I originally popped four but only three made it, fourth pot had problems with coco and had to be gotten rid of. Pot: 11l black...
  11. IceWater421

    Seed Stockers Grow & Show

  12. Autogrowzs

    AutoGrowZs MEPHISTO Attack

    Hi all back after a break due to a serious family loss for myself...so thought I would jump back here as I know I will speak to good people and start doing what I love........( not the most experienced but read enough on this site to accomplish) so here it goes bit of a messy intro but I have...
  13. IceWater421

    Icewater Grows again

    I’m going to be growing some autos again. It’s been over a year since I have grown any autos got lost in a world of ( photoperiod) plants and making seeds. I have a few tents to fill and for the first tent I will be growing @mephisto Alien Vs Triangle and @DutchPassionTony CBD Daqurai Lime ...
  14. M

    RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  15. Lysergik_kid

    Anybody use Carboload?

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice with the AN nutrient "Carboload" You see, I added this to my feed schedule (Modified Lucas Formula in Biobizz light) but then I started reading that Carboload is only beneficial if I used a product like Voodoo Juice or Microbe Teas.. Will my...
  16. Natsu

    Natsu's topped 4 strain coco/soil with Advanced Nurients

    Hey guys, this is my second grow, The strains I'll be growing this time is one of each Super Sonic Crystal Storm by Samsara Seeds, Cheese Auto by Canuk Seeds, Pakistan Ryder by World of Seeds, and Fruit Auto by Dinafem. All germinated well except the Fruit, the shell split, but it didn't show...
  17. Tyler_Durden88

    Double Grape Coco vs. Soil Grow

    I decided to do some experimenting and grow two Mephisto Double grape Autos one in soil one in Coco Coir. For the record I know that only growing one of each isn't very scientific or anything I know the strains vary in grow characteristics this is just for some fun and to see the diffrences that...
  18. A

    My personal review on advanced nutrients.

    Not grown for a while and decided on advanced this time. Only done a few grows myself but I understand the science involved in growing and thought I could offer some sound advice. Here goes. If you have even 8 plants in large pots advanced isn't the way to go way overpriced and I'm certain I...
  19. A

    UK, Hps fridge grow, sweet seeds +speed, advanced nutes

    Hieveryone been reading on here for quite sometime so thought I would join. Currently doing a 250w dual spec hps grow in a small fridgefreezer iv converted and also got quite a few autoflowers and a few photos outside. I have just started the guerilla ones there only a week in but all doing...
  20. A

    Hi there from the UK doing a autoflower fridge grow and a outdoor auto and photo grow.

    Hi everyone been reading on here for quite sometime so thought I would join. Currently doing a 250w dual spec hps grow in a small fridge freezer iv converted and also got quite a few autoflowers and a few photos outside. I have just started the guerilla ones there only a week in but all doing...