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  1. TheMongol

    Humboldt Seed Organization 2019 Grow Off!

    Humboldt Seed Organization 2019 Grow Off! This is a Single Grow Off showing HSO-Autoflower Strains to The Autoflower Network! 1.) Picked growers will be sponsored with 2 HSO Autflower Strains/ 5 Seeds by choice. 2.) A Communal Tread will be Sticky at HSO section where growers will post...
  2. TheMongol

    How to pimp your profile signature !

    To add clickable link to your profile open your avatar menu and go on signature and click... then it opens your sig interface..... now use this formula to create the link you want to have.... [ url = " link " ] description [ / url ] Explanation in words: The bur bracket you get by...
  3. TheMongol

    DINAFEM's new strains Quick Kush an Quick Critical

    Happy New Year 2019! :pass: It's a been a while since i've had my hands on some fine Dinafem genetics and i'm pleased that Mark powered this grow to show their new strains Quick Critical https://www.dinafem.org/en/quick-critical/ and Quick Kush. https://www.dinafem.org/en/quick-kush/ Me...
  4. TheMongol

    Seedstockers Grower of the Year 2019

    This Battle will be fought in the Biggest Grow Battle in the World 2019 thread. All members will be Tagged in when it is Opened. Early Jan:d5: Seedstockers are Sponsoring a Battle Team for 1st February 2019.:vibe: The Sponsored Team are... Battle Manger: @TheMongol Team Leader: @Bailey...
  5. TheMongol

    Green poison fast in supersoil

    Started her last week and today she should be at day 9 or so, a bit behind the others in my groom, but i think shell make it....
  6. TheMongol

    Cannafest 2018

    Cannafest 2018 Biggest Canna Trade in World in Prague! Date: 01.-02.11.2018 In one the the most beautiful city of Europe with lovely girls, fine beer and canna! https://www.cannafest.com/cs/ @Autoseeds.com Will be there with a big presence and they love to meet and greet some AFN...
  7. TheMongol

    Superskunk indoors/ outdoors

    After system ate my first thread by shutdown trying again, #Superskunk was 1 of my first weeds as a teenager and i Looovveed it, the smell, the stink and toke an made me do things not youth free at this time in the past an after i saw #seedstockers also had this strain i wanted to have it, asked...
  8. TheMongol

    Spannabis 2019

    Booked 3..... High Stoners:pass: during this year i was talking with few grobro's on site about a meet and greet and after a while we focused on the Spannabis 2019. It's clever fair in the middle of EU and a lot of action at the traid fair. And that 3 days of a weekend or also longer will be...
  9. TheMongol

    A Journey to Myself or How to become better man again

    click---> <----listen What´s up AFN growers, new season started and i´m late on this one, but hey today i got myself started. Why this thread title " A journey to myself "? Maybe later in this i will explain it, but first what do grow outdoors this summer. I needed earlier finishing girls...
  10. TheMongol

    11 Roses outdoors/indoors

    What's up AFN, i was looking for some time at Delicious Seeds and found this and that about their strains and was wondering about their THC scales and such, but 1 month ago i decided to give the 11 Roses a try and will grow her first outdoors and after this summer indoors, outdoors she should...
  11. TheMongol

    Sticky Monkey GG#4 outdoors/indoors

    The rosin concentrate monster, as the Frizzy Kush first outdoors then indoors, i will have a single eye on this strain and if she will produce rosin as recommened with the help of a friend i'll do THC liquid for E-cigarettes at the end, but in my heart the interesting part starts indoors as...
  12. TheMongol

    Frizzy Kush outdoors/indoors

    What's up Seedstockers, i'll grow the Frizzy Kush first outdoors this summer and starting in september growing her indoors, dropped one seed and as always super healthy germination, all plants are grown in the Supersoil " Flo " Florganics, for Seedstockers strains it is worth for me to start...
  13. Anthropolis

    Hempy Gen3 Experiment & Write-up by Anthro

    Hello again friends! It’s your buddy Anthro again with some more fun new ideas! It had occurred to me that the hempy method in its most basic form had some shortcomings. So I set out to scour the web for tips and tricks, and to see if I could mash-up a few newer ideas. Now, I’m no hempy master...