airvape x

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  1. Unique

    AirVape X

    Hey Guy's, I am happy to be able to test this Vape... I have to say The Customer Support is really awesome, My first unit had an Issue not getting to full charge... I had contacted @briman & he sent a message to the company and with-in a couple day's I had a new replacement, what's better then...
  2. wwwillie

    VVVille und the Vaporizor - I test the AirVape X

    wwwillie submitted a new Showcase Item: Vvville Und The Vaporizor - I Test The Airvape X Read more about this showcase item here...
  3. sniper

    sniper's AirVape X test

    Today I have the pleasure of testing the AirVape X came in a plain discrete white package Inside is a box My cat checking it out to see if it's for him :D Inside the box you find the AirVape X in a case that pulls apart then there's a tweezer, a dab tool, a cleaning brush charge...
  4. Ripper

    Rippers Airvape X thread

    I will do my unboxing as the video I uploaded was deleted