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  1. M

    Another go! Autopots/megacrop

    My previous grow went south when I left for a family emergency. So here’s another shot! Goin with 2.2 gal pots this time instead of 4. Goin with a pinkish Led instead of my HLG strips this time. Royal gold tupur mix instead of canna coco. 4cosmic queens from Mephisto only 4/6 germed. Day 9 2...
  2. thomas m

    My current grow Amare SE500

    Hey guys. im starting this journal from flowering. soory. So the strain is Ultra Violence. She is extremely rare. and very expensive. I am serious when i tell you i have never smelled a plant like her. Super sticky she is very icky. please enjoy and check out my amare se 500 review for a grow im...
  3. Wile e Peyote

    Wile loves a bit of Black Jack x2

    Tent: XL Bud Box PRO Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 8 inch carbon fresh filter Lights 2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE https://www.amaretechnologies.com/c...owlight-technology/products/solarspec-ss150-1 1 x SE250 Cob...
  4. Wile e Peyote

    Wile has a bash at Dinafem Bubba Kush x2

    cant believe its my first time growing Dinafem recommended by the one and only @scally420 right the grow stuff Tent: XL Bud Box PRO Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 8 inch carbon fresh filter Lights 2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE...
  5. R

    Cal mag deficiency, and something else?? Help

    My plaants recently fell very ill after a major cal deficiency due to using RO and not using calmag (stupid, i know. Didnt know i had to add micronutrients to RO) i sprayed my plants with half dose calmagic by GH, AND started watering with gallons with added half dose calmag. My plants are all...
  6. Wile e Peyote

    Amare SE 250

    Wile e Peyote submitted a new Showcase Item: Amare SE 250 Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. RockCity

    RockCity's Organic-"ish" Soil-based Mephisto Auto Experience featuring Amare SE880 LED

    This is my first grow since my last journal (which vanished so I wouldn't bother going and looking for it). My previous experience has been with Photos - now I've decided to get my feet wet with some Auto's, and who else better to go with than some Mephisto genetics. So far I have 3 Triangle...
  8. dcat0921

    DCAT does Auto Ultimates in Kind Soil with Amare Solar Eclipse 300

    So since my last kind soil grow did not go like I'd hoped, I figured I'll try again with fewer plants in a little bigger pot than last time. Dropped 2 auto ultimates last week and as of these pics they are roughly 3 days old. Split one 5 pound bag of kind soil between the two 3 gallon pots and...
  9. Northern Grower

    Mossy's PurpleAK under Amare 150CR

    Getting it in there. I will add more commentary when I can. Happy with the panel so far! Nice tight nodes. Fit perfect into the fridge I am using for a stealth cab, Which i haven't finished building. The cpu fan on the panel isn't how it comes. Just a temp mod until i get the inline and filter...
  10. Wile e Peyote

    Auto-Ultimate 300 watt led

    just wanted to show of my battle plant (the reason I never started the thread here) being fed on 0.5 ml liquid silica,1 ml calmag,1.25 ml dutch pro bloom A+B,1 ml overdrive,1.25 cannazyme and 0.5 ml sm-90 per ltr of water shes in a 33 ltr exodus bubble bucket under an Amare 250 se cobb only my...
  11. iampepe

    Pep's Solar Eclipse 450 lights up some Gorilla Glue

    Hey AFN here goes my first journal under my brand new Amare. I've been wanting to upgrade to cob's for sometime, I spent many hours studying LED tech. and I nearly made my own. I may still attempt it at some point, it isn't cheap, it isn't pretty, no customer support and no warranty so I...
  12. iampepe

    Pep's C4 Explosion

    Hey fellow FastBuds lovers! Let's have some fun shall we?... I just took a quick video, I'll post it soon. I've grown a few Fastbud plants now and I've come to one simple conclusion about growing their genetics: The Hardest Part Is The Waiting. On that note click play and lets rock...
  13. iampepe

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing: A shout out to @AMARE-TECH-Vic for making this happen! Thank you The outside of the box has on it the shipping label (under the fox farm feeding schedule), DHL paper in plastic, DHL inspection sticker and SE450 sticker with bar code on the side. The bottom of...
  14. A

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Amare SolarPro 400

    All i can say is that this light is impressive!!!!! Here are some pics: This is amazingly bright, i will be using this on 2x4 tent. Im concerned on the hight because i only have 4 feet, should i buy a taller setup?any recommendations??lenses or no lenses? Im so anxious to start using this...
  15. Tungs

    SoloarSpec 150CR unboxing, first impression

    Hey there AFN! I got this SolarSPEC 150 CR to do a test run with! The grow will be to follow, but for now here is an unboxing of the mail I got. This is my first LED lamp. I hope I can do it some justice. This model has the 5w Cree bulbs, which I am happy about. I have nothing to compare it to...
  16. A-Train

    Please help us welcome Victor with AMARE TECHNOLOGIES! !!

    Welcome to AFN @AMARE-TECH-Vic we are more than happy to have you guys on biard. Have a look around and stay tuned for the show.....
  17. A-Train

    Advanced Nutrients vs. Nectar for the Gods under Amare Solar Eclipse 250

    What's up AFN.... as the title states I'll be testing an Amare Technologies Solar Eclipse 250. ....... I'll be running it in a 2x2 tent wich is WAY over kill but the only thing I have available atm. The strains are Mephisto "Grape Crinkle" x2 and "3 Bears OG" x2. They will be grown in 3 gallon...
  18. dcat0921

    Dcat's Amare Solar Eclipse 300 and Mephisto Skywalker Kush in GBD Soil.....

    Yep you read that right. I'm running more test cuz I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose. This time should be fairly simple I hope. Running some of the GBD soil amendment and Mephisto seeds - figure they should go hand in hand. Running those in my new tent I added due to my DWC taking over my...
  19. Magic

    Sanguine Vs Wile e Peyote

    Welcome, Come one Come all and see two new comers in the Arena! Both doing Hydro and Dutch Passion so this should be a real BIG battle! We have in one Corner Sanguine In this Corner we have Wile e Peyote Dutch Passion: Auto Ultimate Lets Get it On!
  20. Discretepete2676

    Pete's SolarSpec 150s vs Cheese XXL

    Alright so I've long been waiting to grower My own cheese meds as I have not yet, and I figured might as well go big too. So here I am with a well known consistently large strain and I'm going to to make quite the challenge out of it. Here's what I have planned. 2 xxl are going to b started in...