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  1. Sleeper143

    White Widow XXL

    Hi, I’m just starting my second ever grow. Dropped my WW XXL beans in a cup of water for 24hrs and the straight in to 11L fabric pots. Using BioBizz Light mix. I had pre soaked the Light mix with ph’d water and Biobizz root juice (1ml per Litre) before popping in the beans. Beans went in to the...
  2. 420Forever

    Live Stoner Chat September to November 2019

    g'day kidz :coffee: happee first o' the month & hope everybody'z havin a great weekend! :cheers: ppp
  3. P

    Led in 2x2x4?

    Hello all. I was planning on using a 3 gallon fabric pot in a 2x2x4 tent. After putting everything together I’m beginning to think I won’t have enough height. I was planning to use a vipaspectra 300. Will this be too much for such a short tent? I have two 150 watt cfls that I can use instead...
  4. loftgrowsoldier

    Gntelos8 loft grow

    20190630_140656 by loftgrowsoldier posted Jul 7, 2019 at 8:37 PM Start of first grow in loft, left plant is RQS bubble kush and 2 on right Dinafem whitewidow(ignore plants in orange pots!) Tent-.80x.80x160cm black orchid. Light- Gntelos0008 6inch extraction and 4inch intake. Soil-tropic batmix...
  5. Rwg111

    Tag along with me to The Autoflower Cup #roadtrip

    Here we are 3 nights from the start of my journey to Oregon with 8 strangers I've only spoken to online or via email. I will be leaving the13th from Flint, Michigan at 9am headed for The Autoflower Cup. I will be traveling with Blackhat Genetics and some of the other sponsors of the event...
  6. E Grower

    E growers Dinafem Cookie Stash

    Here we go with my very first photo period grow and my very first Dinafem seeds grow. Here are my seed drop photos. Wish me luck everyone!
  7. midIN


    Was given a great opportunity to test some gear, so here were are. MANGO SMILE, Mango Haze x Toof Decay SETUP 3GAL SMART POT ROOTS ORGANIC EMERALD MOUNTAIN SOIL MEGACROP CRXSUNNY 300W COB 4000K @bushmasterar15 this will be another mephisto battle girl for me
  8. Hanzo-hattori

    Sick plants, need a Doctor

    Ok so I got a few issues, the main one is the yellow spotty scarring this is on three on my plants and I’m not sure what it is need a diagnosis asap, the other plant is dropping thought it was over watered but she bounced back one a night then decided to droop again the next day the last is just...
  9. the green bandit

    Completed Current Live Stoner Gossip October 2018

    I can't get YouTube to load either bushy
  10. Bigg Al

    1st Photo with Test Seed

    Hello all, This is my first photoperiod grow. I'll be growing with autos and indoors in my closet. I'll be growing a test seed from Nukeheads(Bigz fromnukeheads is his name, all credit goes to him for allowing me to test his strain, yes he knows Im a new grower) The strain is a cross, Blue...
  11. midIN

    GH expert DWC feed schedule?

    Looking for a nute schedule for the general hydroponics recirculating feed schedule. I'm using everything they offer for the Flora series, plus hydroguard for my tote. It's 6gals to start with til roots are established good. I will be running the bubbatrouble-- from magic. Which I have been told...
  12. Rhubarb Pi

    Rhubarb's Pi #1 - AutoCOB x Mephisto Skywalker & Heisenberg Special

    AFN CREW CREW :biggrin: AND SO IT BEGINS!!: ******************* Rhubarb's Pi - Grow #1 Intention (for this grow & all of my future grows): To produce the best possible medicine for my father, who is in Stage 4 of bladder cancer. Genetics this Cycle: @mephisto - Mephisto Skywalker &...