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auto seeds

  1. The Mugwamp

    Mars Pro ll Epistar 160 Review and Grow by The Mugwamp

    Hi all and :welcome: I will be reviewing the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 LED, which I was lucky enough to win on one of the many Mars Hydro giveaways/competitions. So firstly I would like to thank @MarshydroTina for this wonderful opportunity to hopefully grow some prize winning beauties...
  2. Frogster

    2019 Final Leg - Girl Scout Cookies - Frogster Grow

    This will be my Official Grow Journal for the "Final Leg - 2019" Autoseeds Battle. Thanks @Autoseeds.com for supplying the seeds for this grow. One of my all time favorites, but I have never grown the "AutoSeeds" variety before. Seeds arrived today. Waiting for the "Pre Germ" Date before...
  3. omnious

    Indoor Grow Polar Express in Coco

    I planted two, Auto Seeds, today. In 2 dl solo cups (inside uncut solos) sides and bottom cut for roots to grow free. Transplant will be to 5 litre buckets. Under MarsHydro 96 reflector that has now just one photoperiod to illuminate. Grand plan is to pollinate other with Betty Boo for stock of...
  4. Mossy

    GROW BATTLES Auto Seed 2nd leg starts 1st May

    #auto seeds Battle 2nd round starts 1st May Sponsored Team @hairyman @faded187 @Only1Sky @hecno @The Mugwamp @Rwg111 @Hypathetical Gardener @AJrexxx @Tyler_Durden88 This Team will be part of the Big Battle. Anyone with #auto seeds is welcome to join in...just leave your name here. @Dabber...
  5. steelcap956

    Polar Express DWC Day 20

    Some new growth. Slow but steady. Still no roots out of the 6in net. Water temp 62-64f Room temp 76f Humidity is low but no reading pH 5.9 Ec 1010 Ppm 501 No slime in res. "Knock on wood" Using my water chiller made from a water cooler.I have tap water recirculating in a closed system. Consist...
  6. MissUniverse

    MissUniverse's 2019 Autoseeds Growbattle thread

    Getting together my growbattle thread. Not sure which I wanna grow. I have a list and I want people to pick for me I have: Sucker punch (only 1 seed left and growing 1 now so prefer not but will if I get the votes) Diesel Berry (got one under my belt definitely a bushy strain) Candy Kush...
  7. MissUniverse

    Diesel Berry Smoke, vape and edible report

    SeedBank : Autoseeds Strain: Diesel berry Did it autoflower?: Y Soil/hydro: Roots organic Nutes: Gh maxigro and maxi bloom xtreme gardening mykos mykos wp and azos as well as bonicare calmag Light (kind and schedule): Mars hydro 300 led Mars hydro 600 led From seed to harvest date...
  8. Auto-Flowering

    Multiple Strain Perpetual Auto Grow & Grow Room Build

    UPDATE: Grow room is built. Lights: 2x Autocobs 2700k, 720w HTGSUPPLY COB(8) LED 3.0, Bestva "2000w" LED Soil: Detroit Nutrient Company Water Only Pot: 5 Gallon fabric pots Ventilation: 2x hurricane 16in wall mounts, 5 lil blizzards, 4in ipower exhaust with carbon filter, 4in air intake...
  9. MissUniverse

    Girl Scout Cookies Vape Report

    SeedBank : Auto seeds Strain: Girl scout cookies Did it autoflower?: yes Soil/hydro: Roots organic Nutes: Gh maxi duo, xtreme gardening mykos, mykos wp, azos, bonicare calmag, epsom salts Light (kind and schedule): Mars hydro 600 led Mars hydro 300 led From seed to harvest date...
  10. MissUniverse

    Autoseeds random discussion thread (for semi-off topic chat relating to autoseeds products)

    Good black Friday deals I looked on your web page :) I love mara hydro LEDs. They are the only ones I'll ever grow with. I am very happy with the performance. The new cob you guys sell looks good but out of my peice range. If I had the money (I don't but wish I had more than 2 pennies to run...
  11. NorthernLights_420

    Auto Seeds-Diesel Berry Auto

    Sponsored by Auto Seeds. Thanks Auto Seeds for the test seeds. I love diesel and I love Berry strains, so you crossed 2 of my favorites. Berry Ryder crossed with NYC Diesel. :) Started germinating yesterday. Will post pics when she's born and transplanted into her 5 gallon bucket deep water...
  12. F

    First ever grow, 7 Polar Express Auto's Outdoors

    OK, so I done my live intro and was greeted by some of you (will link to intro) and made to feel welcome in the AFN Community. So yeah first ever cannabis grow, I have grown many types of veg and herb and flower in my back garden but never cannabis. So for my first grow I've stuck 2 Polar...
  13. Tyler_Durden88

    Trans Siberian 2 Weeks old Pics

    Heres my trans siberian from autoseeds at 2 weeks she is very bushy and has a very thick stem very impressed with the fast growth and ease of this strain. Take into account these pics where taken after lights out so they are are sleeping and drooping a bit.
  14. Tyler_Durden88

    Mephisto worth the Money?

    Im looking to buy my next batch of seeds and ive grown autoseeds for awhile bc they have been reliable and consistant and they have a great customer service center. But i want to try somthing new and Mephisto seems to have some good genetics and ive read alot of happy customers reviews. My...
  15. Wildee

    Auto Seeds Pineapple Punch

    On day 80 with my first grow...the Pineapple Punch already smells delicious. Hope to harvest any day now. I just put 4 more of them in to germinate. It grew taller than expected, so I will definitely lightly train these girls this time.
  16. The420Kid

    Sucker Punch Round 2

    Hello peeps. This is my second attempt at the SP. I grew 2 out and was very happy with what i done but think there is aways room for improvment. I want to try some lst on thislasy one and see what the difference is. Here is my first journal...
  17. Scirzo

    Auto Seeds' Ultra Lemon Haze in a 23"x23"x41" cabinet

    :bighug: Hi guys! After the great result I got from my first grow, I'm ready for the next. For those interested, the journal of my first grow can be found here: https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/happy-noobs-first-grow-come-and-join-me.59249/ You all seem to like as many details as...
  18. puppy-puppy

    First Time Grow: Diesel Berry Auto by Auto Seeds

    Hi All! After much preparation and anticipation, I have finally begun my very first grow. I will be growing 1 x Diesel Berry Auto by Auto Seeds (tent is only big enough for one plant). - Strain: 1 x Diesel Berry Auto by Auto Seeds - Grow Space: 2x2x4 Oshion High-Reflective Grow Tent - Medium...